Monday, November 29, 2010


I've made it to 100! Im pretty amazed, to be honest.

Either way, I thought I may have to do something to let you all know that I'm still alive, so I'll leave you with a little celebration video.

i hope you like tassles

Monday, November 22, 2010

Due to a technical glitch

This technically is not my 100th post, although blogger seems to think that it is :D

Either way, I thought that i should do a little blogging, seeing as I probably won't get the 100th blogpost spectacular before I finish my two exams this week.

And to be honest, there really hasnt been a whole lot going on at the moment, apart from studying and hanging out with friends. I got to see Andrea, Joel and Micheal over the weekend, which is always fun.
But now that the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, i really hope that I will be able to get to the beach sometime soon.

I'm thinking of being a complete blog idea thief, and do one of those 30 question things, where you're supposed to answer one question per blog. I just don't really have a lot going through my head at the moment apart from revolutionary political theory and japanese verb conjugations. So after my official 100th post, i think that that is what I shall do, just to give me a little bit of direction and at least have something interesting to talk about.

although, i really have to share this with you all.

Also, I've been dabbling in a little bit of Bulgarian at the moment, and I can read a little bit already, although Im not really expecting to see any amazing results. But it is the one slavic language that I can seem to pick up with relative ease, and I don't really know why. Either way, it's pretty cool and left of centre.

Either way, I thought that I would just post a little something just to let you know that I haven't abandoned the blog :D

peace folks x

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I'm pretty pumped, because in just two days I will have almost finished my first year at university, which went so abnormally quickly. While I am super glad that I have made it through all of the first year rigmarole, I'm a little bit nostalgic. But it is all good. I have enjoyed my first year immensely, and I find that I am uber inspired to study a lot more than what I've done already.

On other news, I'm going to start trying to write a novel that I have had the ideas for floating around in my head for a fair while, so I am looking forward to doing that as well. I just only hope that I will be able to keep on blogging while I'm (hopefully) churning out a fair bit of writing each day.
Either way, I think that I will be able to keep both of the projects up during the summer, mainly because I won't really have too much else that I will need to do.

Some good news is that the songs that I asked Itunes to get and put on their e-store are FINALLY UP, in the Australian one at least. It does seem to take a while to get some songs out here, and I really can't figure out why it should take so long. I know there are copyright laws and everything, but yeah.

AND just to wrap up, I think that I may have an idea about what I want to do for my next post, which is my 100th post. I'm going to go back to doing something that seemed to be fairly popular, and although I am not going to tell you what it is that I have got planned, i think that this may or may not give you a little clue.

Till then
peace folks x

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I think that my voice may be breaking again

Which is kind of annoying, i wasn't really anticipating it going too much deeper that what I had already, but it's alright. As long as I'm able to talk, I'll be happy.

I think it is almost too much to expect that a little growth spurt is thrown in, but I can always hold my breath and keep marking off my height on the wall like a good little six year old.

ANYWAY. on to the topic of the day.
Seeing as I am coming up to the one hundredth post for this blog, and that I have a little bit of a following, which is SO cool by the way. I am amazed that people all around the world are reading about this, and I'd like to give you all a big shout out and say thanks.
But something else I wanted to do was to throw a bit of a celeberatory post, do something that everyone would like to see me blog about or do on the blog. And here is were I need your help!
For those of you who have read my ramblings for a while, incoherent as they are, is there anything that you would like to see on the blog, maybe something I touched on before and you really liked? I was thinking of getting all that Hawaiian stuff ready, but lately there has been a LOT of South American travel chatter, so I may just end up doing something on that.
I might be able to do another one of those nifty playlists that I did a while back, which seemed to be pretty popular.
Either way, to thank whoever reads this blog, I wanted to do something that you would enjoy, so please leave your comments and suggestions. All i know is that I want to do something pretty awesome for it, I never thought that I would actually make it to one hundred posts.

Anyway, comments and suggestions would be massively appreciated :D
peace folks x