Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas/New Years Week

Has kind of been quietly busy, which is always good. I thought that seeing as I haven't blogged for a week or so, I should get around to doing something, but apart from Christmas eve and day, not a whole lot has happened to be honest, just all the nice little Christmassy type of stuff.

But I must say, last Thursday I went to the beach with a few things and it was amazing :D I had so much fun at Manly beach, especially because I haven't been to the beach in over 2 years or so, and I didn't get nearly as badly burnt as I thought I could have been, after spending a whole year where I hid all my skin under jackets to keep warm.

Anyway, I'm going to leave all my NYE plans up in the air, I don't really know what to do at the moment, but I think that I might go to Andrea's place, sounds like it should be pretty sweet.

Short and sweet today folks
x peace

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crazy Week So Far

It's been a kind of confusing week thus far to be honest. On Monday I got an email asking me to help out with promoting an event for a club here in Sydney, and I must say it did have me intrigued, although I was really confused because I don't really have any proper experience in event management.

So all night I was kind of considering what the hell they could have asked me to do to help out, and I was kind of getting a little bit excited. I kind of like to let my mind fantasise a little bit and go on tangents when I see things that I've never done before. I think a lot of people do that though, they hear about something, or they're asked to help out with something and they start with a real gusto, and then kind of fizzle out. Except I tend not to fizzle out (at least not as quickly as others).

Either way, the story goes that this guy was looking to send the email to another guy with the same name as me. However, I can't really complain, I'm having a closer look into event management as we speak.

Therein lies another problem. I also have a tendency to see people doing something, and then want to do the same thing. I figure, heck, if they are having so much fun doing what they are doing, why shouldn't I give it a crack. And then the internal conflict comes up, sort of a 'you don't want to look like you're copying them' sort of thing. And in essence, it's kind of true. I would have never looked into a few things that I now do if I didn't know other people who were doing the same thing and said that they loved doing it. But yeah, maybe it is a sign of something I could look into doing.

So a few plans for the week. Tomorrow I'm not really doing anything much, I'll just see where life takes me for the day, but I think that I have a couple of speaking things for my summer Spanish course that I could be doing tomorrow.
Then on Thursday, I'm going to the BEACH, finally, after more than two years, my feet will come into contact with Australian sand. I'm so pumped for it.

And then I need to do a bit of frantic Christmas shopping. I thought I had a lot more than I actually do, on inspection of the presents I have in my secret present spot.

Hope to get a tonne of photos on Thursday too, it should be a great day.

peace x

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Bah, så jag är sjuk igen efter ett par månader, som är helt konstigt. Men hursomhelst.
Vad är en lite konstigare är att jag alltid blir sjuk på semester. ALLTID. Det är så förargligt. Jag har faktiskt så mycket tid just nu att göra vad som helst, men nej. Ödet har bestämt att jag skulle bli sjuk.

Naturligtvis, det betyder inte att jag ska bara sova hela dagen och äter kycklingssoppa och dricka varmt vatter med honig. Jag är bara inte en sån person, men jag antar att det finns många.

Nu att jag har så mycket fritid, jag spelar gitarr och piano igen! Sån har jag inte gjort för 2 år sedan, så det är jätte cool. Också, på torsdag går jag och alla mina vänner till STRANDEN! Antligen är vädret lagom fint, det har regnat här i Sydney för 3 veckor sedan, det har varit helt dystert.

Och jag har hittat några nya sånger, jag glömt att jag hade ännu 23 dollar i Itunes, så köpte jag ett par Slagsmålsklubben sånger, och jag älsker dom!

Men nu är det sent, så jag ska till sängen!

tar det lugnt

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Awkward Scent Situation

OK, so a few days ago I was looking for some deodorant, as per usual, and being the impulsive kind of guy that I am, I just picked up a Rexona that looked good and decided to just live with the consequences of buying it without checking how it smells first.

But that really isn't the problem here, I do love it and I'm happy I got the stuff, and it does make for a nice change once in a while. The problem I have with this deodorant is that this is the exact same stuff that one of my friends wears.

I don't really know if it's all that bad, but in my mind it's kind of like going to a party in the same outfit as someone, after you've seen them in that outfit a billion times before.

Either way, another awkward, but unfortunately not scent-related, situation presented itself yesterday as well. I was driving back home from giving out some resumes to stores in order to get a job, and when I pulled up to the lights, what was next to me but a 60 year old lady in a bright hot blue convertible. I didn't even know what to do with my eyes, it just seemed so awkward. What was worse was that at the lights she was flicking through a jewellery store magazine pamphlet :O

It was just another crazy day lol.

peace folks x

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Det Första på Svenska!

Så det här är en lite överraskningsbloggpost, min första post på svenska!

Jag tänker alltid göra någonting på svenska eller finska, och jag har beslutat att det är faktiskt ledigare för mig att skriva på svenska, som är intressant, för jag var säker att jag kunde prata bättre finska.

Hur som helst :D

Jag har börjat alla min julmatlagning! Jag har inget jobb just nu, så någonting liksom matlagning är bra för att roa mig. Idag har jag lagat några hundra pepparkakor, receptet var så stolligt! Det finns i köket circa 500 pepparkakor, och jag vet inte vad jag skulle göra med alla de. De ska ätas, förstås, men tycker jag att jag kan ge de till mina grannar :D

Och här är någonting jag har hittat på Youtube, det är Far och Sons "Ciggdansen". Det är en lite ironiskt, men eh. :D Jag tycker om det


I got my hair cut today, and I'm liking it at the moment.

After a whole long while of pondering whether or not i should do it, I finally had something pretty drastic done to it, I got most of it shaved off, which is really unlike me, but I am so glad I did it.
It means I can wear hats again! And although I know that hats eventually are a contributor to baldness, it is one luxury that I'm willing to take the risk for.

(And just fyi, I have no idea where that hat comment came from, but it came out so I'll leave it there)


I'm kind of a bit disjointed at the moment, it feels like I have so many thoughts going round in my head at the same time, but when I try and pull one out, it just goes away. But I know that I am hella keen to get back into some music again. But this time, I'm going to start off with just me and an acoustic guitar and get some solid work done over the holidays and see what happens, because I miss playing music, not just listening to it.

Either way, I think a little bit of a surprise in the next post would be pretty apt. Although I don't think everyones gonna like, but eh.  :D One can hope?

peace x

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Film Noir

At the moment, I've had a huge hankering for movies with a sense of film noir to them. What kind of got me into this in the first place was that I saw a clip of an old detective film on the classic movies channel, and I got a little bit of research. Just for a bit of info, here is a quick trailer for 'The Postman Always Rings Twice' with Lana Turner and John Garfield.
I don't really know what it is about that type of mood or 'genre', if you will. but at the moment there is just something so provocative in the lighting and plots of most of them.
Here is a list of a few film noir titles I would be stoked to check out sooner or later, over the summer break.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights!

So. It's been a pretty good day today, had a family day (except for my sister, who was working hard for the money all day).
Didn't really accomplish a whole lot, there was a fair bit of leftover Christmas shopping that I was able to get done, and I got my headphones with the microphone for my online Spanish class. >< It's kind of annoying that I wasn't able to find the ones that I had earlier in the year, I must have thrown them out or something like that.

Either way, the real highlight of the night would have had to have been when we went to go have a look at the Christmas lights around Greystanes. I don't really know if a lot of other people do it on a regular or even a yearly basis, but looking at the Christmas lights is one of my favourite parts of this time of year. I even was able to get a happy snap of one of the best ones, but I think that the light might be a little bit dodgy in the photo, I only had my phone on me at the time.

I think it's kind of a shame that with the global financial crisis and everything that not more people are able to do up their houses all nice and Christmas-like. It's something that we've never really done in my family, but it is always something that we go and have a look at. Back about five or maybe ten years ago, there were whole streets in which every house used to be decorated, but now there was only three or four houses next to or in the vicinity of each other that were all decorated.

But it is still definitely nice to have a look at them and fill yourself with the Christmas spirit. Now I have to start all the other Christmassy things, get into the mood as early as I can, because I tend to have a lot of fun just going around the house doing little things here and there. Plus it's time to get out the baking recipes!

peace x

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What to do with a four month holiday?

A very good question indeed.

Except I am technically still doing a course at uni over the summer, but it is only one and its all online, so the amount of effort that I need to put in is essentially pretty negligible.

Either way, I still have a lot of free time, and no job at the moment, which is a little bit annoying, so it would be cool to plan out a few things to do over the summer. For the time being, I've kind of vowed to try and do a little bit more exercise each day, and at the moment it is working pretty well for me. Although I can't really go outside to do anything at the moment, the weather in Sydney has been atrocious lately.

So anyway, this past week has been pretty good, nothing too special happened if i can remember rightly. It's kind of nice to be in December already, but it's kind of left me thinking where the whole year has gone ! It's absolutely crazy :O

The good thing about it being a bit cooler in Summer though is that I can get all my Christmas baking on the way, and I have a whole lot of Finnish Christmas recipes that I want to try out and taste for myself, before I actually make them in earnest.

Plus, i will be able to blog a whole lot more at the moment, which is always a lot of fun !

Peace for now folks x