Thursday, September 30, 2010

road rage

I don't normally suffer from road rage, but something's been irking me for a hell of a long time. Actually, a couple of things, but they both tie in to the same kind of thing.

I'm not exactly sure what the RTA has told all the other red p platers out there when they first get their license, but I seem to recall there being a limit of 90kms an hour for those with them. And I don't know if this is something that I should be pissy about, but when I'm going on the freeway and I'm going my limit of 90, it's SO ANNOYING to see all the red p platers pass me with the rest of the traffic. I just don't know, do the cops not care about it? It just seems like I'm the only one who sticks to the limits. But, for those who do speed, be prepared for me to slow down and laugh quite loudly when you get pulled over by the cops.

The other thing that really gets on my nerves is all the regular license drivers who get narky with me, and love to yell obscenities and beep their horns and everything, because I can't go over 90kms an hour. To be honest, I don't really care, but I do keep to the left lane. OVERTAKE ME YOU FOOLS, and stop riding on my tail. The biggest culprits in this groups would actually be the truck drivers. I don't care if you're going to be a few minutes later for your delivery, I'm not going to speed if you're on my hammer. PFAH. This happens so much of the time too, which is kind of lame. After all that, people should really chill out when they're driving. And then they can get home and complain about it as much as they want.

peace folks x

Work Music Playlist

This is what I've got lined up for tonight, thanks in part to Itunes genius, but I also flicked in a few more that I thought would go pretty well to keep me working at a good pace.

Music is My Hot Hot Sex - Cansei De Ser Sexy (CSS)
(I ALWAYS have this song on at work, one of the all time favourites)

as if you didnt think that the first movie was enough

So guess what? They've decided to make a Wolf Creek II.

Now I kind of get what you're thinking, they did leave it hanging at the end there a bit. I mean, not really for the audience, because you got to see what actually happened in vivid, vivid detail, but it just kind of left you with the boyfriend and his court case at the end, the full suspicion.

But apparently, from what I can gather, none of that is of much interest in the second movie. It's going to delve into the history of Mick Taylor, the ever-resilient serial killer. I mean, getting shot really doesn't seem to phase this guy, he really does seem like the energiser bunny. But apart from him, the cast will be entirely new.

And what makes me wonder, is how can they possibly come up with something more shocking that what everyone's already seen already? With all the horror movies, and just plain gore movies (I'm thinking of all the Saw movies, in particular), people just seem to try and create more bizarre and sadistic ways of torturing people and stuff like that. I don't know. It just seems to me that there would have to be some pretty whacked stuff coming to the movies whenever this comes out.

But I sure do know that I have no idea what to expect from this movie. You would have to think that it would be pretty good, as they were pretty adamant about not making a sequel. Either way, it's probably something, unfortunately, that I won't see till the DVD comes out. Although I may make an exception, I don't normally see the point in paying a tonne of money to go see a movie that I'm not really, in all honesty, going to enjoy sitting through. I'm not normally the type to laugh at the horror movies, as others can seem to do quite easily.

I'm much more of a magical unicorn adventure comedy movie kind of guy.

peace folks x

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Is kind of what I feel that I am lacking with my blog as a whole. But it's all good. I'll just keep posting random stuff till I can find something that sticks.

Although I always can talk about music, without which I don't think that I would be able to get through the work evening.
My music tastes have really surprised the hell out of me at the moment. I thought that I was pretty much on an indie trip for god knows how long, which is all well and fine, but I've been listening to a heck of a lot of Dropkick Murphys (who, as it happens have a new CD out which I'm uber excited for, and you can find more info about it here if you want) and Flogging Molly at the moment, all that Celtic Punk stuff which I used to listen to a whole lot. I always find that it's really exciting to revisit music that you've kind of forgotten for a little while, it's kind of like meeting up with an old friend.
And to find that that friend has also just released a new album is an added bonus.

I've also been listening to a TONNE of Hebrew music at the moment, mainly hip-hop stuff, and I'd have to say Hadag Nachash would probably be my favourite. Here is the link to the English version of their site.
I like their style more than anything else, they like to get their fans really involved in what they're doing, you can even join up to the Fish Team and they'll send you stickers and flyers to post everywhere. Although I don't think that they would be as popular in Australia as in Israel, it's a nice thought, and I don't really see why other bands could do the same. I don't really know, just to me, it seems like an awesome thing to do, give your fans a little something in return for their support, it's cool.

Oh, and also, I have been looking for this song for ages. It's by Maskinen, my all time favourite Swedish band, and also with Marina from Bonde Do Role (I'm not a hundo percent sure if that blog is authentic, but i'd like to think it is. If it's not, just pretend that it is). Unfortunately Itunes Australia isn't as accessible as I thought it was, there are some things that are just too hard to find. But I'll keep checking every now and again, hopefully they might have updated next time I check.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

To stop myself from eating an entire packet of shapes

I thought that i would try a little bit of blogging. It's always so easy to forgect that I actually have a blog that I should keep on updating, but at least I'm here now, which is all that matters.
Not that I have been doing anything that is remotely blogworthy at the moment, it's the normal holidays lull, and I'm just kind of frantically trying to meet up with all those people I haven't seen since the last uni break, because I know that if I don't, I probably won't see them until the end of term. GAH.
I've been brushing up on all the languages I haven't used for ages, which is normally what I tend to do every now and again, just so I can kind of keep up with all the new slang and stuff like that. It's kind of cool, and it doesn't take very long to do.

But I am really excited that it is finally starting to get a little warmer, although unfortunately in Australia Spring lasts for such a short time, and then we're into the scorching heat of summer.
Either way, right about now is probably the best time to start going to the beach again. I'm so looking forward to it, and I hope that I can hustle up a few other people to join me, because there really isn't a whole lot which is sadder than going for a day trip by yourself. It's kind of one of those places that you don't normally go to by yourself, probably because of the whole self image thing we've got going these days. People need their support bases to pull of bikinis and such, or so my experience has been.

On Friday I had a picnic with Joel and Kurt, which was pretty awesome. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like to, which is kind of a shame, but it would definitely be good to do that more often. I was just a little pissy that I had work, and that I didn't have the time to go and visit Andrea as well. Which is probably something I should do soon as well. After a half term of nice courteous conversation with people I know at uni, it's kind of nice to not have to worry what I talk about with people for a change, which is something that I miss a fair bit, because I've always been able to do that with school, and then all of last year was just awesome in that respect. Just not having to worry about freaking people out with too much emotion and stuff like that is always something I'm really weary of at university, because I don't really want to scare people off by being exactly how I am in real life.
And now that I've written that down, I feel bad for doing that. But I think everyone does it though. I think that there is only a certain group of people, all my Canadians and Tom, that I know the best. And Adam, too, he's so easy to just pick things up with :D

And thus ends my very unexpectedly reminiscent blog post. I feel kind of bad, it was more for me than sharing with the public, but who reads this stuff anyway?

x peace

Monday, September 13, 2010


I don't really know if that is a correct English term or not, but it's kind of a phenomena I've noticed in myself over the last couple of weeks at university.
Those of you that know me will know that I am pretty good with languages, I have no problems in learning a new language rather quickly and effortlessly, and most of the learning and studying i just do by myself. AND you'll also know that i take Spanish and Japanese in university.
Now the issue of the post is not the fact that I know that I could be doing better in the subjects, and am not trying, but more rather that I so totally get everything that they are talking about, without really having to put pen to paper and even begin studying, that I find myself having to hold my learning off a whole lot not to overtake the class by too much.
Like for instance, in Spanish I've just finished reading Harry Potter, and I had virtually no problems with it, but a lot of people in the class were kind of shocked when I was reading it.
I don't really know if people have a lot of this type of thing going on, and it's not that I want to dumb myself down, but rather so all the other kids in the class don't despise me for being a Hermione Granger by the end of term.
The symptoms of this kind of disease include purposely not answering questions that you know the answers to, only chiming in periodically, even though noone else will answer the tutor, not reading ahead in the coursebooks so that you don't get too far in front of the class and just start getting bored.
I must stress that this isn't supposed to be condescending in any way, for example I kind of struggle in reading everything that I need to read for politics, and having to remember all those nitty gritty little facts that other peolpe can seem to recall with such ease. It's just that with languages, I'm particularly experienced and don't seem to have any problems with them and all that stuff. It all kind of balances out and it's good in a way.

peace x

It's SUCH a beautiful day today

I can officially be quoted as being very thankful that it is finally springtime. OMG. It is about time that I am out of some kind of winter for a fair amount of time.
Winter always used to be my favourite season, but as of late it is kind of nice not to have to wear like 20 layers of clothing and stuff like, it's a little bit reassuring in the mornings when all I have to pick out to wear are shirts and a pair of pants, because having to pick out anything more than that would just be a bit of a task.
However you kind of have to admit that summer, which in all honesty is not too far away for us here in Australia, it likes to strike quickly and strike hard, is the season of the fit people. I can't believe it already, how many people have gotten their 'summer body hair removal treatmants' done, both girls and guys, and there are already guys at university walking around in singlets and stuff like that, and with less body hair than a new born baby. So the big question is whether or not we should all succumb to the trends and styles that do so plague the thousands with painful ingrown hairs and other self-care issues.
And then there isthe latest fashion trends at uni. University is one of those funny instituation, where the first impressions of people really do kind of count, mostly because youll probably never have anything to do with most of the people you see here. So, if you want to make a statement nad grab people's attention, you really do have to go out there and make a statement. And seeing as a lot of the statements around here are quite bold to begin with, just by looking around you can see the efforts peopple go to to look cool. As per usual, there are guys trying to pull of the girls jeans, which CAN work on some people, but in general it just looks pretty uncomfortable. I think taht there is definitely something to be said when your legs look like they might break in two if someone sneezes near them.
On the whole though,actually, people are generally concerned with learning, and you can often gauge the year and tell the specific time when people tend to lose interest in trying to dress up and fit into those extra skinny pair of jeans. Like there are people who look like they havent purchased another item of clothing since the seventies or early eighties. Which is totally respectable, but you can definitely tell.
Either way, today is one of those nice days where it is just great to sit outside here in the courtyard and kind of just watch the world go by, which is one of my favourite passtimes on a monday, seeing as I am here for SO LONG>Although I should be preparing for sitting in a japanese lecture for two hours, trying not to overachieve.

peace x

Sunday, September 5, 2010

totally uninspired

As of late, I have had such an urge of enthusiasm to go out an do stuff with people, but kind of a lack of people to do stuff with to be honest. See, I've been so caught up with work and uni life at the moment that I just haven't had the time to hang out with a lot of people, and I've kind of forgotten what hanging out is all about. Normally I've got too much studying to do on the weekends, and I'm just generally busy that I haven't really had a lot of time to stuff that I wouldn't normally do.

I dunno, this is probably more of a rant post, I just haven't really spent a lot of time with any of my friends since I got back from overseas that it kind of feels weird asking in the first place, I guess it was just so easy to meet up with people when I was overseas because we didn't really have anything to do anyway. I don't really have a lot of friends at uni, not a lot that i know really well and am able to spend most of the time with, a lot of people there seem to know each other from school and stuff anyway so they tend to stick with those groups, so I dunno. I don't think I've had a good conversation where I haven't had to worry about what I say for months and months, and it's kind of frustrating, I thought I would have been over this by now, but I still feel kind of like a loner at uni, despite the fact that I do have people i can talk with, it's not the same as being able to kind of let loose and all that stuff.

I dunno, I spose I just need to ask people to hang out a bit more, it seems to be harder than I would have thought to reinsert myself back into life here, and I don't think that I'll ever be able to, it's just kind of an inkling, but it was kind of foolish of me to think that people would go out of their way for me. It's probably all in my head though, I just look at all the photos of all the other exchange students who are back and they seem to be out with all their friends, doing all sorts of things, and I don't think I've been out with my friends since my birthday two months ago. And I won't even get started on trying to look for a girlfriend till im past 20, everyone at uni has one already and I just sort of have to face it that the outlook is never going to be great in that scheme of things, I'm just not really what people would call 'girl material', so I don't even bother trying to talk to girls in that way.

Sorrrrrrrry for the pity party folks, had to come eventually