Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Is kind of what I feel that I am lacking with my blog as a whole. But it's all good. I'll just keep posting random stuff till I can find something that sticks.

Although I always can talk about music, without which I don't think that I would be able to get through the work evening.
My music tastes have really surprised the hell out of me at the moment. I thought that I was pretty much on an indie trip for god knows how long, which is all well and fine, but I've been listening to a heck of a lot of Dropkick Murphys (who, as it happens have a new CD out which I'm uber excited for, and you can find more info about it here if you want) and Flogging Molly at the moment, all that Celtic Punk stuff which I used to listen to a whole lot. I always find that it's really exciting to revisit music that you've kind of forgotten for a little while, it's kind of like meeting up with an old friend.
And to find that that friend has also just released a new album is an added bonus.

I've also been listening to a TONNE of Hebrew music at the moment, mainly hip-hop stuff, and I'd have to say Hadag Nachash would probably be my favourite. Here is the link to the English version of their site.
I like their style more than anything else, they like to get their fans really involved in what they're doing, you can even join up to the Fish Team and they'll send you stickers and flyers to post everywhere. Although I don't think that they would be as popular in Australia as in Israel, it's a nice thought, and I don't really see why other bands could do the same. I don't really know, just to me, it seems like an awesome thing to do, give your fans a little something in return for their support, it's cool.

Oh, and also, I have been looking for this song for ages. It's by Maskinen, my all time favourite Swedish band, and also with Marina from Bonde Do Role (I'm not a hundo percent sure if that blog is authentic, but i'd like to think it is. If it's not, just pretend that it is). Unfortunately Itunes Australia isn't as accessible as I thought it was, there are some things that are just too hard to find. But I'll keep checking every now and again, hopefully they might have updated next time I check.

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