Monday, September 13, 2010

It's SUCH a beautiful day today

I can officially be quoted as being very thankful that it is finally springtime. OMG. It is about time that I am out of some kind of winter for a fair amount of time.
Winter always used to be my favourite season, but as of late it is kind of nice not to have to wear like 20 layers of clothing and stuff like, it's a little bit reassuring in the mornings when all I have to pick out to wear are shirts and a pair of pants, because having to pick out anything more than that would just be a bit of a task.
However you kind of have to admit that summer, which in all honesty is not too far away for us here in Australia, it likes to strike quickly and strike hard, is the season of the fit people. I can't believe it already, how many people have gotten their 'summer body hair removal treatmants' done, both girls and guys, and there are already guys at university walking around in singlets and stuff like that, and with less body hair than a new born baby. So the big question is whether or not we should all succumb to the trends and styles that do so plague the thousands with painful ingrown hairs and other self-care issues.
And then there isthe latest fashion trends at uni. University is one of those funny instituation, where the first impressions of people really do kind of count, mostly because youll probably never have anything to do with most of the people you see here. So, if you want to make a statement nad grab people's attention, you really do have to go out there and make a statement. And seeing as a lot of the statements around here are quite bold to begin with, just by looking around you can see the efforts peopple go to to look cool. As per usual, there are guys trying to pull of the girls jeans, which CAN work on some people, but in general it just looks pretty uncomfortable. I think taht there is definitely something to be said when your legs look like they might break in two if someone sneezes near them.
On the whole though,actually, people are generally concerned with learning, and you can often gauge the year and tell the specific time when people tend to lose interest in trying to dress up and fit into those extra skinny pair of jeans. Like there are people who look like they havent purchased another item of clothing since the seventies or early eighties. Which is totally respectable, but you can definitely tell.
Either way, today is one of those nice days where it is just great to sit outside here in the courtyard and kind of just watch the world go by, which is one of my favourite passtimes on a monday, seeing as I am here for SO LONG>Although I should be preparing for sitting in a japanese lecture for two hours, trying not to overachieve.

peace x

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