Monday, September 13, 2010


I don't really know if that is a correct English term or not, but it's kind of a phenomena I've noticed in myself over the last couple of weeks at university.
Those of you that know me will know that I am pretty good with languages, I have no problems in learning a new language rather quickly and effortlessly, and most of the learning and studying i just do by myself. AND you'll also know that i take Spanish and Japanese in university.
Now the issue of the post is not the fact that I know that I could be doing better in the subjects, and am not trying, but more rather that I so totally get everything that they are talking about, without really having to put pen to paper and even begin studying, that I find myself having to hold my learning off a whole lot not to overtake the class by too much.
Like for instance, in Spanish I've just finished reading Harry Potter, and I had virtually no problems with it, but a lot of people in the class were kind of shocked when I was reading it.
I don't really know if people have a lot of this type of thing going on, and it's not that I want to dumb myself down, but rather so all the other kids in the class don't despise me for being a Hermione Granger by the end of term.
The symptoms of this kind of disease include purposely not answering questions that you know the answers to, only chiming in periodically, even though noone else will answer the tutor, not reading ahead in the coursebooks so that you don't get too far in front of the class and just start getting bored.
I must stress that this isn't supposed to be condescending in any way, for example I kind of struggle in reading everything that I need to read for politics, and having to remember all those nitty gritty little facts that other peolpe can seem to recall with such ease. It's just that with languages, I'm particularly experienced and don't seem to have any problems with them and all that stuff. It all kind of balances out and it's good in a way.

peace x

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