Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Lights!

So. It's been a pretty good day today, had a family day (except for my sister, who was working hard for the money all day).
Didn't really accomplish a whole lot, there was a fair bit of leftover Christmas shopping that I was able to get done, and I got my headphones with the microphone for my online Spanish class. >< It's kind of annoying that I wasn't able to find the ones that I had earlier in the year, I must have thrown them out or something like that.

Either way, the real highlight of the night would have had to have been when we went to go have a look at the Christmas lights around Greystanes. I don't really know if a lot of other people do it on a regular or even a yearly basis, but looking at the Christmas lights is one of my favourite parts of this time of year. I even was able to get a happy snap of one of the best ones, but I think that the light might be a little bit dodgy in the photo, I only had my phone on me at the time.

I think it's kind of a shame that with the global financial crisis and everything that not more people are able to do up their houses all nice and Christmas-like. It's something that we've never really done in my family, but it is always something that we go and have a look at. Back about five or maybe ten years ago, there were whole streets in which every house used to be decorated, but now there was only three or four houses next to or in the vicinity of each other that were all decorated.

But it is still definitely nice to have a look at them and fill yourself with the Christmas spirit. Now I have to start all the other Christmassy things, get into the mood as early as I can, because I tend to have a lot of fun just going around the house doing little things here and there. Plus it's time to get out the baking recipes!

peace x

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