Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crazy Week So Far

It's been a kind of confusing week thus far to be honest. On Monday I got an email asking me to help out with promoting an event for a club here in Sydney, and I must say it did have me intrigued, although I was really confused because I don't really have any proper experience in event management.

So all night I was kind of considering what the hell they could have asked me to do to help out, and I was kind of getting a little bit excited. I kind of like to let my mind fantasise a little bit and go on tangents when I see things that I've never done before. I think a lot of people do that though, they hear about something, or they're asked to help out with something and they start with a real gusto, and then kind of fizzle out. Except I tend not to fizzle out (at least not as quickly as others).

Either way, the story goes that this guy was looking to send the email to another guy with the same name as me. However, I can't really complain, I'm having a closer look into event management as we speak.

Therein lies another problem. I also have a tendency to see people doing something, and then want to do the same thing. I figure, heck, if they are having so much fun doing what they are doing, why shouldn't I give it a crack. And then the internal conflict comes up, sort of a 'you don't want to look like you're copying them' sort of thing. And in essence, it's kind of true. I would have never looked into a few things that I now do if I didn't know other people who were doing the same thing and said that they loved doing it. But yeah, maybe it is a sign of something I could look into doing.

So a few plans for the week. Tomorrow I'm not really doing anything much, I'll just see where life takes me for the day, but I think that I have a couple of speaking things for my summer Spanish course that I could be doing tomorrow.
Then on Thursday, I'm going to the BEACH, finally, after more than two years, my feet will come into contact with Australian sand. I'm so pumped for it.

And then I need to do a bit of frantic Christmas shopping. I thought I had a lot more than I actually do, on inspection of the presents I have in my secret present spot.

Hope to get a tonne of photos on Thursday too, it should be a great day.

peace x

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