Thursday, December 2, 2010

What to do with a four month holiday?

A very good question indeed.

Except I am technically still doing a course at uni over the summer, but it is only one and its all online, so the amount of effort that I need to put in is essentially pretty negligible.

Either way, I still have a lot of free time, and no job at the moment, which is a little bit annoying, so it would be cool to plan out a few things to do over the summer. For the time being, I've kind of vowed to try and do a little bit more exercise each day, and at the moment it is working pretty well for me. Although I can't really go outside to do anything at the moment, the weather in Sydney has been atrocious lately.

So anyway, this past week has been pretty good, nothing too special happened if i can remember rightly. It's kind of nice to be in December already, but it's kind of left me thinking where the whole year has gone ! It's absolutely crazy :O

The good thing about it being a bit cooler in Summer though is that I can get all my Christmas baking on the way, and I have a whole lot of Finnish Christmas recipes that I want to try out and taste for myself, before I actually make them in earnest.

Plus, i will be able to blog a whole lot more at the moment, which is always a lot of fun !

Peace for now folks x

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