Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day at the Library

Technically, I didn't really spend a day at the library, it just happened to be the day that I went to the library, so I think that I can get away with the title.
Anyway, here is a photo that I took at the library (I wasn't really sure if you were allowed to take photos inside, so I just played it safe)

Local Library

I'm always really surprised by the local library, it normally has everything that I am looking for, which is really great. I can get most of the heavy duty reading from the library at uni, but that type of stuff is mainly all the books that you just copy a chapter out of here and there, and then just put the book back where you found it. Whereas here, they have a really great selection of books for a smaller sized library, and they actually have a fair few knitting resources, which is always a godsend. It's nice to not have to spend a whole heap of money on a book, getting it imported in from overseas (because we really don't get the good range of books and other things that are available in North America or Europe, at least some specific items like knitting books, etc.), and just to walk into the library and be able to take the book for a month, relatively free.

Anyway, we got a call from the optometrist today, and my prescription sunglasses have come in, which is pretty exciting. That is the only problem with having glasses that you need to have on whilst driving, you can't wear a pair of sunglasses without technically breaking the law. So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on them tomorrow.
Except...well I can't really wear the new prescription sunglasses while my new prescription glasses are still out being prepared, because it would be too much for my poor eyes to handle. So although I'm pretty happy about the sunglasses getting in, I am SO looking forward to when my normal pair comes through.

While I was down the road today, I also stopped by the newsagency and got myself a copy of the Winter edition of Interweave Knits. It is really exciting to have a flip through, as I could actually envisage making a lot of those patterns, as they have always worked out well for me in the past.
And while I'm on the subject about magazines and stuff like that, I personally find it really annoying that the price of a magazine in North America is half the price of what we have to pay here in Australia, especially when our currencies are so close. I suppose that they have to figure in transporation costs, but it does seem to be a little over the top. Regardless, I think that it is worth the price to pay, there are always a lot of patterns in there that I will actually make, and use over again.

And finally, on a quick update, I am close to finishing the second sleeve on the sweater, which means that the sewing is looming, but I am looking forward to stepping up to the challenge of making up the sweater pretty nicely. It is something that I often overlook, but I have the time now to spend a little bit more effort on making the final product a whole lot more presentable.

Peace folks x

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