Friday, January 28, 2011

Mum's birthday today

So today was my mum's birthday, which was pretty good, we all got up earlier than we normally do and gave her all the presents we got for her, and then...

We went to the movies over at Wetherill Park, and saw the King's Speech, the movie with Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. It was actually pretty good, I always find it a little bit awkward when movies are made about people who are still living, having a young Queen Elizabeth in the movie was alright though.

So yeah, then we had some fish and chips for lunch which is always a bit of a treat, I do love to have some fish whenever I can, even if it is in the battered form. But give me a bit of proper smoked salmon any day. YUM. A couple of years ago and you would never have caught me saying that, but that is what a year overseas can do to you I suppose.

Then I made a Banoffee cake, banoffee being a merger of banana and toffee, which turned out really well. The one thing that I kind of had a problem with was the sweetness level. I got the recipe of a cooking website from the States, and I should have realised that this would be a problem when I was buying so much sugar. Don't get me wrong, the cake tasted amazing, and I can appreciate the way the cake came together, but it was a sugar overload. And this is something I've found with most of the recipes I get from over stateside, all the deserts seem to be incredibly sweet, overly so, which is something that we're just not really all that used to here over in Australia. But the cake was a success, by anymeans. Nice, but you definitely need to have a whole month of exercise after each slice.

And then, I made some futher progress with my sweater that I'm making, and here is an attempt at a photo of the sleeve. (I make no claims to fame for being a great photographer, I just shoot and point in general.)

Second Sleeve
 I know that its hard to see the pattern, and I'll see what I can do to tune up the detail a little bit, but I am really pumped at how very little time it's taken me to get this sweater almost done, which is why I'll probably keep plugging along after I've finished this post. :D  The only thing that I'm really dreading at the moment is all the sewing and stuff like that coming up, urgh. My least favourite part of the process, mainly because I find it to be incredibly stressful, and so finnicky. I'm far to impatient for sewing things nicely into place, but I always strive to do my very best.

As a final note, I'm thinking of getting into the 365 project, where you take at least a photo a day (and then put it up on a blog or somewhere like that). I'm kind of pumped for it, but kind of worried that I am going to cop out after a while. It sounds like something that I wouldn't normally do, but I have read a couple of blogs by people who are givign the project a go, or who have finished the year, and they seem to be loving it. So I am going to try my darndest and take lots of photos, and today was just the start.

x peace folks

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