Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A cool few days, with plenty of pictures

So I have been pretty busy for the last couple of days, although to be honest it is kind of difficult to remember exactly what it is I've done, but I do have a couple of photos to help me remember.

I've decided that I am going to start designing a lot of the stuff I knit, and then I'll probably put the patterns up on here, I'll make a cool little page for them. Initially, I had the little dilemma of deciding whether or not I was actually designing anything new, or just putting a little spin on something that I had seen before, which is why I'm working on trying really hard to make all the knitwear that I am going to design original.

And the good news is that I am already a quarter of the way through the cabled scarf that I just kind of come up with on the fly.
I'm still not 100 percent sure if that pattern is going to be a successful one, but I am pretty happy with it as a first design. Plus it just means that I can use up another 2 skeins of off-white 8 ply that are languishing around, in order to make room for some more yarnage. Which is always good, I don't care what anybody tells you. Especially when there is a Starmore sweater in the near future.
Just for a little bit of detail, its got seed/moss stich as the border, and it is a scarf of wide proportions. In fact, I probably would cut the amount of side stitches in half, but I want to try something a bit crazy with these stitches once I've finished, now that I have them.

And I went to a yarn store today in the city called Morris and Sons, and it was pretty cool. I got these -

They are quite quaint, really. A tiny little pair of circs, which will make beanie and sock making a whole lot easier.
I'm kind of dismayed by the lack of yarn stores in Sydney as a whole. It means that you are pretty much stuck with 8 ply acrylic for the rest of your life, unless you order stuff through the internet with credit cards and stuff like that. Plus it is a really good place to meet girls, unsurprisingly. I always love that the female to male ratio is always pretty high, but the thing I hate is that a lot of them assume that a guy into knitting is gay. Eh. Always with the good and the bad.

xpeace for now folks

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