Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweater Knitting

I cannot begin to describe to you how great it feels to have a sweater on the needles again, especially a norwegian one. There is just something special about casting on the three hundred plus stitches and just going for it, that makes me very excited.

The good thing about the pattern that I am doing at the moment is that, for the bulk of the body, it is just plain stockinette stitch. Thousands upon thousands of plain knitting all in black. Now, I know that the thought of this is probably so unappealing to a lot of you, but with university back, and me studying at odd hours, it is nice to be able to pick something up, knit a couple of rows, and not have to worry about where I am in the pattern. Essentially, it would mean that I would get a whole lot less sweater knitting done, which is vitally important at this time of the year.

Now for a couple of pictures -

Close up of the border pattern at the bottom
   The pattern down the bottom was quite simple, except for the one row when there were three colours in play. I'm very much a prescriber to the traditional fair isle rule of only ever using two colours in a row, and just now it dawned on me that I could have easily substituted the white stitches with the light blue, cutting down the colours to two, but what the heck. It's done now.

I find this photo to be a little bit more true to the colours, and I like how the endless chug of black is really putting a big emphasis on the border pattern, which i think is absolutely great in it's simplicity.

Also, as you can see, I do enjoy knitting at my computer. There is nothing like reading your favourite knitting blogs whilst indulging in the craft itself. I've been reading through the archives of Jared Flood's blog at Brooklyn Tweed. I so want someone to go over there and have a look at the patterns and find something that they want me to make them, because I have been itching for an excuse to buy some of them, if not just go a little wild and get them all. I genuinely love everything that he's done, again it's great in the simplicity of the look. Anyway, I've got dance practice tomorrow, which is always a lot of fun, and a good workout, so I should probably start heading to bed, but not before I get a little bit more done on Osterdalen.

x peace folks

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