Thursday, March 3, 2011

You know all that sweater excitement i was talking about?

Well. After 18 inches of stockinette, in black, it's failing me. I'm trying to remain enthused with the project, I keep telling myself that there is only another 3 inches to knit before I can put in the steek for the neckhole, so I can cut this baby open to put in a zipper, and that an inch after that I'll finally get to some colourwork. But I don't really envision myself being done with those three inches at least until tomorrow, which is kind of a shame. Here is a picture of the black yarn-hungry sweater body regardless -

From that bodged photo effort, it's not easy to see how much black there is, but trust me, there is a lot. It feels like it will never end, but I shall persevere and get there in the end, so I can start all the wonderful colourwork up the top near the neck and shoulders.

Oh, and I played a match of football/soccer (delete as applicable) yesterday. It was fun, but it did remind me of how long it has been since I played that sport... but again, I shall persevere and maybe get a bit fitter than I am at the present time, which is always exciting.

And it's such a beautiful day today, it was a perfect autumn day. You can tell that it is getting a bit cooler, as the heat just doesn't have that extra edge it has like in the summer. It's wonderful to know that sweater and cardigan wearing weather is really only around the corner. It's already really nippy early in the mornings, and I had to pop on a jumper this morning, I'm hoping that there will be plenty of sweater wearing weather ahead.


ps. Darwin Deez is coming to the Metro in Sydney, May 10th. Anyone wanna come with?

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