Wednesday, March 9, 2011

some good old aussie music

I must say that I'm really lucky to be living in Sydney where there is such a great music scene, there is not a single artist who would come to Australia and not go to Sydney, and for that, I'm really greatful.

The good thing is that it's not only great for foreign artists and big names, but we also have a really good local music thing going on, and not just in Sydney but nationwide, which is quite exciting. It is nice to have all the popular music from the states and the UK, but I think that there is something inherently very special about the music artists are making here. There are so many good artists out there that are from around this part of the world, and I thought that I would share a couple of my favourites with you today for those of you who might not really have access to any decent aussie music.

This is one of the newer songs by the Bag Raiders, they even used it on the new Nova ad, but it's such a great song, awesome to have along in your car for a beach playlist or something like that.

And the video is kind of cute, with the little monkey. Altogether, a pretty damn fine song in my opinion.

For the second one, I decided on the new song by Architecture in Helsinki, Contact High. It is pretty awesome, and I particularly love this band because they have developed and evolved so much over their time, and even though their little developmental changes are noticeable, they never fail in being able to make music that I absolutely love.

And just a final one, at little bit different to what you might hear everyday on the radio is a little number by Boy & Bear, called Rabbit Song. They're a group from Sydney, kind of a bit indie-folky but some of the best indie-folky stuff I've heard for a long time. Check this one out.
So now that I've shared a few of my favourite bands from Sydney and Australia at the moment, what about you? I know that we get a lot of stuff from the USA and all that, but I can't imagine that we get genuine local stuff, which is always really interesting. Leave a comment or something and share some local bands from your area, it's always great to find some new things to listen to.

x peace

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