Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2KBCWDAY3 - Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

Ha. This is so not me.

This blog post today is supposed to be about how we keep our stashes of wool as tidy as we can, and after trawling through a lot of posts on the subject today, I've kind of realised that, well, my stash could be a whole lot tidier.

I may not be the typical 19 year old guy, but I must say that I like my room with a more 'cluttered' feel than those in other age brackets may deem to be appropriate. My downfalls are mainly books, dvds, and yarn, almost in that order. It's hard to tell really, I think I have my books and dvds a lot more organised than I do my yarn. C'est la vie.

I generally keep my yarn in bags, often the bags I buy them in, but really, there will be some form of yarn in any room in the house you happen to find yourself in at the time. Sometimes, they are really blatant hiding places. And by hiding places, I mean hiding them from myself so I won't start any projects that I'm not supposed to. I tend to stash all the excess stuff up high, or under heavy things, so that laziness will win the day and I will just keep plugging on with whatever project I should be working on.

Other times though, yarn just pops up where you least expect it. I would like to call them ornaments, but I've been rather put off the idea. I would like to think that the wool lying around the house may just stimulate the designer mind instantly, as if seeing that skein of mohair in the bathroom will suddenly fill my head with an idea for a delicate lacey-do. At least, I would like to think so. Here is where I keep my dvds, for example:

Overrun with granny squares, so much so that the dvds have been moved to the shelf below. :|

But, for the most part, the stash is (somewhat) contained to my room. I have a cupboard where I've devoted a drawer to the yarn I'm making my Osterdalen with, but apart from that it is in bags, I'm afraid to say.
Not that I do have a really big stash. I'm more of the kind of plan-for-a-pattern kind of guy, I haven't yet found the way to just buy something to store away for a rainy day. I'll pick what I'm going to make, I'll go get the wool for it, make it, and then the process starts again. Of course, I would love to be able to increase the stash size, but alas. It shall have to wait for more prosperous days, I'm afraid.

A boy can dream, though.

x peace folks

(ps. I can't get to my memory card right now, but once I can, I shall take a few pics and upload em here and make it a whole lot prettier)


  1. Ha, I love the granny squares and dvds combination. Nice juxtaposition there.

  2. I like my room a little cluttered too.. It's more comfortable that way..Although even when I am home for break I do not have yarn in the bathroom XD

  3. Cluttered is fine - cuz you're also clean :-)