Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rain, Studying, Knitting. The perfect combo for getting things done

It may have some sort of reflection on my personality, but I really love rainy weather. Which is especially good right now, because as I am looking outside my back door, all I can see are the drips coming off the patio.

I think that there is something particularly special about rain, it seems to have some serioud restorative qualities for me, but I just seem to get a whole lot more done when it is raining than if it were a sunny day. Not that I would be doing anything very special on a sunny day, but I just seem to stuff around a whole lot. But not today.

I've boned up on the French and Japanese readings for uni for the next week or so, and if this weather continues, I may get comfortably ahead of the course enough that I will be able to breeze along to the mid-term break, which would be overkill on the cool.  Finally, I can say that I have, with some degree of willingness, actually sat down and studied for a period longer than fifteen minutes. I definitely feel accomplished.

And of course, I think that this is the kind of weather that knitters everywhere dream of. Or maybe it's just me? I can think of no better conditions than miserable rainy and cold weather to sit down with the entire Harry Potter dvd collection and just make a start on the whole of the Osterdalen sleeve situation. And therein lies my dilemma. I reckon that the only way that the ideal knitting situation could get even better would be if it were dark and even chillier and also still raining. A boy can only hope, can't he?

Oh, and one of my friends was going speed dating today. I thought that that is something that you don't really hear about everyday, so I might ask him about it and do a cool nifty interview or something like that. I dunno. Just ambitious thoughts for the blog.

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, I promise to show you double in the next one!
x peace folks

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