Thursday, March 31, 2011

2KCBWDAY4 - Where Are They Now?

Before I start off with this post, just a quick side note. I'd like to give a shout out to all the great comments I've been getting over the past week, and I shall endeavour to keep up with them all, it's certainly a little bit crazy going from so few to so many comments, but believe me, they are always in my mind.

Anyway, onto today's topic. We've kind of been prompted to take a walk down memory lane, as it were, So I've picked a couple of my favourites to take a quick stroll down those murky paths of my days as a knitting beginner, and to see what I was working on a few years ago is doing now.

First of all, this sweater is the first Norwegian-style sweater I ever put a needle to, and I must say that it's one of the projects that I am most proud of, being probably only 16 or 17 when I finished this baby.
It's a Drops design, from Garnstudio, and it's kind of where I learnt from my errors. This is the one I learnt proper colourwork technique, steeking, knitting in the round with dpns and circs, and general assembly. Of course, I had do keep it for myself because it just wasn't what I would have thought to be good enough to give away as a gift (although you probably wouldn't know about the mistakes in there unless I pointed them out) and also, it was my first. I kind of had to keep it.

I do wear it every now and again, but to be honest, I rarely need a massive woollen jumper, not the ones that I enjoy making so much. Oh the dilemma.

Secondly, there is this sweater, which I think is a real improvement personally on the former sweater, but each one has their little soft spot.
Another Drops design, from Garnstudio
Just personally, I really love myself for the colour choices, I like how this one has a lot more bam! than the blue and red. But I am a sucker for blue and red together, I don't know why.
This sweater really was a whole other learning curve, in a way. It just reinforced what I knew already from the previous sweater I had done, but it also involved working with more than two colours, and all those pesky ends.
I've worn this one a lot of times, mainly for its wow appeal, plus you can get away with black and white a lot more than blue in most cases.

Now, when I look back I'm quite amazed that it took me about a year to complete both of those sweaters, but I'm sure glad that I did stick with it.

x peace folks


  1. Wow, so beautiful, I am thinking of starting small and knitting hats/gloves in these kind of designs. Love all your colour choices.
    Drops yarns are great, although I have not yet knitted one of their patterns - must check them out....

  2. They are fantastic sweaters. I love colourwork but haven't done much of it yet as I'm so bad at putting colours together.

  3. Wow, those sweaters are amazing, the colors are really nice too.

  4. Your colorwork is amazing! Kudos to ya.

  5. Those both look fabulous! I am very impressed with the colourwork. So much of it! It would take me much longer than a year to complete.

  6. Those are very impressive! I'd keep them, too, and not because anyone would notice any mistakes if you gave them away -- simply because they're so awesome.