Sunday, August 15, 2010

Post-movie desires

I don't really know if it is just me, but everytime I watch a movie I'm always inspired by whatever the movie is, to go out and try something new and different. For example, I just finished watching the Lord of the Rings and I can't help but thinking of how great it would be to be able to ride a horse really well, and perhaps even be able to fence, or something like that.

In all honesty, I know that in my heart of hearts, I probably shall never take up horseriding, nor fencing, as a matter of fact, but during the few days which follow watching movies like that, there isn't anything in my mind that would seem cooler than giving it a go.

But yeah, I may just be one of those types that are just easily got by good movies. I'd be that one idiot eskimo who would buy the ice from the salesman with all the bells and whistles. But that would make me a little bit of ice up on all of the rest of the eskimos. Plus it would be doubly impressive if I were an eskimo with ice and who had the ability to ride a horse and fence.

Also, archery would come into the category of the things which I would love to try at this very moment. Just fyi.

Meanwhile, it's Monday tomorrow, which means that it is my long long long day of university tomorrow. It really is annoying that there were no other options for the class that was scheduled from 4 till 6. I hate learning in the evenings, I'm just never as engaged because I just want to go home at last. Either way, it doesnt really seem like I have a choice in the matter, so I should probably get a fairy long night of shuteye.

peace folks x


  1. stef just recently signed up for an archery course =]

  2. ahhh zomg. im soooo jealous.
    i think that there is also a fencing group with uni. that would be pretty cool to get into.
    i just wanna keep trying out more stuff lol.