Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Price of Looking Good

Ok, so in an effort to improve the image, fashion wise per se, I have been looking through a lot of the men's magazines, and pretty much everything to do with male style and stuff like that. And I think that the things that I have found in here during my readings will apply just as much to the feminine side of things as much as it does the male.

I unequivocally refuse to believe that the average person, the you and me of this day, can warrant spending more than $1000 on one single outfit. To me it seems bizarre to spend that much on a shirt, jacket and pants, and what to me seems even more bizarre is that guys who probably wouldn't be making a lot more than I am would spend nigh on all of their paypackets on stuff like this. I just can't believe it, I won't believe it. But it's not even that. I cringe when I look at jeans in places like Glue or General Pants and they're like $200 or so, and cringe even more when I see people actually wearing them. I dunno, I suppose it's their choice, but do brand names really matter all that much to be honest? If I got the outfit of a Lacoste Polo, Levi Jeans, Hilfiger Sunnies, the shoes with a price to kill, and just all the items for general upkeep, it would literally take me months to pay off, and that is investing the entirety of my pay into it. And then there was this article about your 'style essentials', what you should take on to your cabin bag if that is the only thing that you are allowed on the plane, and it totalled to $3284.95! And these are just the essentials. No wonder why it seems like I'll never have any style, if that is what it costs. I think I'll stick with my Bonds cardigan for a little while longer.

The other thing that I will refuse to believe is that people go to the gym daily and are there for hours on end, again this might just show the extent to which I am enthused about exercising at the gym. To me it's kind of like the bane of my existence, in the few times I've been there there hasn't been one person that doesn't seem to be in peak physical condition, so this might be a litle bit of a paradox, but the gym to me doesn't seem like the best place to start off exercising. I know that in essence it is, but it's kind of disheartening to see the people working out make it look effortless. Either way, I know that some people do it, but I just can't believe the average guy would spend that amount of time and money at the gym. :| In a way this is kind of a green jealousy, as it would be great if i had the time and/or indignation to actually commit to such acts of cruel kindness to my body, but it still seems beyond me that people can actually do it.

And then the last thing that I can't believe is how all these magazines tell you that you have to work out for X amount of hours a day, buy clothing and accessories in excess of $5-10,000, and then they still tell you what gadgets you should buy, what clubs and stuff you should go to in order to pick up girls, trying to impress them with the cool clothes you're wearing and your awesome guns. This is the one that I just cannot fathom, how can people who follow all the things that you are supposed to do have time or money to have an actual life?

However, there are some good things in there, you can always buy very similar things on the cheap, and so in a way there are a lot of good ideas, but the general idea that you should own this brand of watch, and get that particular pair of headphones, and never get caught dead wearing these types of shoes is getting a little irritating, and it would be great to get a poll or something like that just to see how many people who would actually spend the money getting everything that is recommended to them.

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