Monday, August 16, 2010

Simply for efficient blog posting

Nothing of great import has really happened in the last couple of days, since I last blogged, which is good in a way. At the moment I've been getting out the old laptop and I've just tried to start writing a whole lot of stuff again.
Really, I have just been noting down anything and everything, because I'm kind of in the novel writing mood again. Or perhaps the novella writing mood, depending on how good a story I can come up with.

There is something which can be said about writing a novel which in one way, can make it really enticing as a prospective occupation, but in another just strikes fear into your heart. I'm not sure if I can be fully committed to writing for a set number of hours per day, heck, I sometimes find it hard to keep up the blog at times. Although, trying not to give myself any excuses for failure, I could well just take around a notepad or something like that and write things down as they come to me.
And I think that that is where a lot of people just generally stuff up, for a lot of things, myself included. Normally I'm just far less prepared to note down anything and everything, whenever a thought comes along. But now that I have sort of identified that flaw, and with the help of a few creative writing exercises, I shall be on the path to actually writing something substantial. And I encourage everyone to do the same, as the saying goes everyone has at least one good novel in them, so why not try?

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