Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Nice to Be Involved in Another Kathy Reichs Novel Again

I guess it's just the type of writing that she employs, a lot of the language is very technical, but that doesn't really impact on the overall aesthetic of her books.
Whenever I read any of her books, I always feel like I'm right there, and that the protagonist is just bouncing ideas off of the reader, because they are about as good as anyone else, right? I suppose it does help that it is written in the first person, which helps with connectivity, but there just seems to be that little something else, that I can't really put my finger on, which makes Reichs' novels stand a head above anything that I have read before.

But I must say, I could well be biased. My favourite TV series, Bones, is based on the stories of Kathy Reichs, but even between the two of them there are a fair amount of differences, namely how much you get to know 'Temperance Brennan' in a certain amount of time. I don't think that that will phase me, to be honest, I can hardly put her stuff down. It's really gripping and I definitely recommend anything that she's written.

So anyway, I went to the library today, and there were little kids screaming everywhere, which really doesn't go with the entire idea of a library, but I'm not really one to complain. My problem with libraries is actually finding something that I think that I would like. A lot of the time i just think to myself, I really should just start at A and work through the list, and sometimes I'll do that. I find that I'm really fickle with what I read, so sometimes I'll come out with a whole lot of books and travel journalism, and then the next time I'll come out with a stack of books whose authors' last names all begin with the letter 't', or a pile of red books. I'm really not good with making literary decisions, I generally enjoy reading everything, so it stands to reason that everything I pick up in the library I would more than love to take home and read.

The same thing happens when I go to the video rental store as well, although when I go there I tend to come out with something from each section, or a couple from the western section. I must say that my life has been fully deprived of western movies, and I always love to try and keep that balance right if I can.

Other methods to help me decide what movies to watch or what books to read are websites like I Check Movies or Good Reads, which list the top ten books or movies from this certain genre, and there are literally thousands of lists out there that I can work on.

As I've said before too, it's nice to be able to read for pleasure again for a little while, when uni is back up and running there's no doubt that I'll have a magnitude of set texts to get through with English this term, so I should enjoy leisure reading as much as I can.

Oh, and on a final note, I'm planning at 10 blog post special coming up, covering my seventieth to eightieth posts. It's great that I finally have some type of focus to work to with this blog. For a little spoiler, it's travel blogging with a bit of a twist!

x Peace for now folks

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