Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thinks that make you chuckle

And kind of roll your eyes as well.

My first little bit I got from an American hot dog eating contest. God they take those things so seriously, but it could be just about one of the most disgusting things I've witnessed in a long time.
But that's not really the good part.
I just love how much people take this stuff so intensely seriously. I mean, getting sent to jail for a hot dog eating contest-related crime has got to be one of the weirdest things that I've heard for a while.
Apparently for some reason the japanese guy was banned from participating, and then he got up on stage anyway, so the cops put him in jail for a day or so. And his biggest complaint was that there was not enough to eat.
I suppose if you can down about 50 or so hotdogs in 10 minutes, a sandwich and milk would kind of make you go looking for some more food around the house.

Then I have no idea where to start with my next topic. I think I'll just have to leave it to you to check it our for yourselves, it's Dumb Criminals. I think that the name pretty much just says it all.

Finally, guess how long the worlds longest scarf is?
According to this website, a group of 200 knitters were successful in knitting a scarf that was 33.74 miles long. Thats MILES! The thing with that though, is when do you actually make the decision to stop knitting, or just leave to to be knitted on for the rest of eternity, eventually providing a cover blanket for the entire world. That could be another innovative plan as well.

And finally, just the ridiculous types of shows that are on the Food channel these days on foxtel. I especially love the cake making reality tv shows.

Peace x

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