Wednesday, July 28, 2010


If you know me, like most of you do, I'm quite passionate about the food I cook and the food I eat. So to me, it seems only logical that I start off with a lovely FOOD section.

The thing that I love about Hawaiian food is that it is the role model for fusion cooking. With strong influences from western and asian cooking, which both add a little something to an already well established culinary tradition. But the thing that I love most about it is that it still IS able to keep their culinary traditions, there are things like the Luau, which is a celebration of culture and food.

Now I know when a lot of you think about Luau's, there is a very specific image of what you would expect to find there, and for a lot of those counts, there is some depth of truth. You would expect suckling pig, and an over-abundance of gorgeously presented dishes, and some traditional cultural events. And you can find all of this in almost all the professionally run luau's.

While for most people, going to a professionally organised cultural event can be rather tacky, but that's something that I really love, for sheer entertainment than any cultural activity. I think a lot of the main points in things like this is that you think that you're getting your dose of culture. Which is exactly what they do.

Here are a few good places to check out, they seem to look really good on my part. A lot of luau's are run by the big hotels, but that doesn't mean that you're going to have any less fun. I've found that a lot of the activities that you'll want to end up doing are run by large companies, and with hotels ever-present in Hawaii, it just makes sense. Anyway, there is the Island Breeze Luau, which seems to be rated one of the best in Hawaii. It's on the Big Island, and I think that I would definitely make a trip to the big island and not just stay on Oahu, even though it may be very tempting. But if you don't get off Oahu, there is always the Paradise Cove Luau. But really, have a look for yourself, because there are hundreds of luaus that you can frequent.

And believe me, this is definitely something that I would do, maybe as a nice first night, or maybe even second night wind down. Go check it out.

aloha x

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