Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So I was sitting in the library at uni and doing a little bit of studying for Spanish and Japanese after my lessons today, I came across this little nugget of gold on my home page which made me stop and stare a bit.
Basically, to get to school each day, the kids would have to take a zip line or flying fox from one point to another on a daily basis, all just to get them to school. At first, I thought this looked like a really neat and nifty way of getting around, like, you could say to all your little classmates that you essentially flew to school this morning.
But then I got to thinking, that after something like the second week, it'd probably get pretty annoying, having to go to all that extra effort just in order to get to school for the day. I mean, if some little one just wasn't in the mood for his scheduled exam that day, what's to stop them cutting down the cable connecting the two points?
Obviously, there is no way that one could just simply come and go with bags of groceries or whatever, but it does make you think, how would you hold up taking a flying fox to work or school everyday. Sure, you could go in for the dramatic entrance, come sailing through the open window of your classroom if everything goes to plan, but honestly, it must get really old real quickly. Kind of like Superman I suppose. I mean, sure, he can fly, but after he has established that he can do it, and has kind of played around with all the ins and outs of it, surely there can't really be anything left for him to do with that particular party trick.

On a more personal note, I'm pretty sure that this is my fifth week of university this week, and I am still surviving. I must say, it has been really good to be able to get into a routine with studying and everything, and I am really enjoying it, meeting all these new people and actually learning new things.
I'm really loving my Japanese and Spanish courses for precisely that reason. I find that with my language courses I can really get a feeling for how much I'm learning and building up my skills, whereas with my history subject, I know that information is going into my brain, but it's just not registering sometimes. But it is getting there slowly which is awesome.

Oh and finally, i thought I might just add that I am craving some pancakes now. Don't really know why, and nor do I have the facilities here in the library to actually make them, but maybe just talking about the pancakes will make the craving go away. :D


  1. zomg thats crazy...awesome photos

  2. yeah i know, i really liked that article, but it makes you think a><