Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Thing I Do Like

One thing that gets me incredibly excited are the uber cheap airfares you can get these days, more specifically the amazingly cheap flights with jetstar.
Now I know that there has been a couple of stories about Jetstar leaving their passengers stranded, but for the amount that you are saving on your airfares I suppose you could afford to spend another day or two at your destination. It is the price you pay for not paying a big price in the first place.
The airfares that caught my eyes were the ones to Japan. I was absolutely amazed that there was a flight to Japan for about 500 dollars. Now I know that those tickets would be the absolute bare minimum of service, but frankly, I don't care. With my Japanese course going so well, it would be awesome to be able to go there and test my new Japanese skills out, and just get to grips with the culture and stuff like that. Now all I need is a job to get there...

On the topic of airplanes though, I found this website, listing 10 of the most bizarre airline stories out there. I really love these types of things, just being able to see how stupid and insane some people out there really are.
One of the stories is about a couple of parents who left their child behind at an airport in Tel Aviv, while they were on the plane to a wonderful holiday in Paris. I find this really hard to believe, but I suppose I am one of those people who always think that they have forgotten something before they go on a trip away, so I would probably be less likely to leave any belongings at the airport. Especially any children I had. But I think that most people are like this, which makes me think, how psyched up these people must have been for their holiday away to actually forget their child?
Another one is about a passenger, first class no less, who got frustrated because all of the lesser class passengers were allowed to disembark from the plane earlier than they were. So the guys inflates the emergency slide, and slides his way down and out of the airplane.
Now, just from personal experience, having had to walk down through the first class section, it looks like they have it pretty good. Plenty of leg room, nice cushiony chairs, great service, the list goes on. Now I'm not criticising the airlines, but that kind of thinking just doesn't exist in economy class. People flying economy NEED to get out before the first class passengers, so they can circulate the blood in their legs and to prevent dying from blood clots and other circulatory diseases.

And now, getting ready for another week at uni, keeping on keeping on with all that stuff!
Have a good one folks

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