Sunday, March 21, 2010

What $47 dollars can buy you these days

When you think of all the things you can get for about $50 these days, many things spring to mind, like a couple of good DVDs and some popcorn to relax with on a Friday night, or a nice meal. But did you ever consider being able to purchase two ghosts for your money?

According to this news site, the owner of a property had two ghosts exorcised from his house, no doubt because of their incessant hauntings keeping him up at all hours of the night, and he managed to dilute the ghosts down in holy water and locked them up in two glass vials.
Now, it might just be me, but offering the ghosts for sale online just seems to be a bit defeatist. Surely you wouldn't want to risk someone opening the vials, and owing to a ghosts keen sense of direction, much like a homing pigeon, risk the ghosts returning to haunt you. As unfamiliar as I am with the protocols of storing captured ghosts, I think one of the main principles is that you really should be handing out said ghosts to random strangers, which actual directions on how to restore the ghosts to their previous spirit-like selves. Apparently, to release the ghost's full potential, you just have to release the holy water into a dish and simply let them evaporate away into the air of your house.
Perhaps they can be a form of low cost pets, the require no food, no looking after, so perhaps bottled ghosts are the new companions for the lonely in the near future?

I'd rather the DVDs and popcorn over two bottled ghosts anyday :)

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