Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do as I say, not as I do

I was recently going through one of the blogs that I read, Stockholm Street Style, and it really made me realise how much I know in theory about fashion, due mostly to the many fashion and design shows you find these days, but how very little I actually put that knowledge into practice.
Let's face it, when it comes to fashion, I'm no supermodel. It really doesn't worry me if I don't have the latest clothes and trends, but when I'm out in public, I'm so aware of what other people are wearing, and I constantly make a collection of mental notes regarding what works and what doesn't.
I find Stockholm Street Style is really great, and does give a great idea as to what the Europeans are doing with their clothes these days. One of the outfits really caught my eye, and I don't know what it is in particular about that suit, but it is awesome. And we are now paving the way to a little bit of a sook now.
The particular suit was a part of the Laitinen Collection, and immediately I thought to myself that it was obviously a Finnish fashion collection, from the name. So when I found out what the name of the brand or collection was, I performed a trusty google search, and trawling through several political leaders and other famous people with Wikipedia pages, I saw the website that I was looking for.
The Laitinen Collection, as their website seems to show, is apparently a very minimalist collection. In fact, they seem to think that the nude mannequins in the store windows are the way to go. Looking at the site, and then looking back at the picture, I was kind of disheartened not to see a single image on the website. A major bummer, but I couldn't ever have afforded any of their clothing, if it was priced like any of the other designer collections in Helsinki.
I must say though, one thing that the Swedes and Finns do really well are blogs, I have a list about an arm length long of ones that I love to read, and I pretty much spend most of my time at this site, it's an awesome starting point for a lot of blogs that I've found, as long as you tell it what it is you want to be reading about.
I was thinking about starting a Swedish blog as well, but I just don't know if I'm really up to that type of level. I know that I could do it, and it would keep up my swedish, so I think that I might write up a few posts before hand and see how they go.

ON a completely different final note, I recently stumbled across this slightly humorous article, where a guy was fired for "not removing his hood at work", because of his Jedi faith. I heard that Jedi was apparently the fastest growing religion in Australia a couple of years back, but only now have I realised that these people aren't joking.
But no worries mate, just take your jedi hood and head over to Stockholm, work the street style. I'm sure it would be much more successful there :D

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