Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging and such

One of the things that I really like about blogging, both reading them and writing them, is that you really get to be involved within a part of a persons life that you wouldn't normally be part of. I absolutely LOVE reading my friends blogs, both from exchange and here in Sydney, just because I get to keep in touch with someone without actually having to talk to them. I know that sounds bad, but it's just a fact that it is really hard to keep in contact with hundreds of people all over the place, so it's nice to have a way to communicate with them all at once.
Plus people are more inclined to say what they really think about things when noone is around to go, 'well i don't think so', or something like that.
Apart from reading my friends blogs, I must say that I am not a regular of any particular blog. Which I think is quite a shame, to be honest. At the moment I have been glancing across Stockholm Street Style quite a lot, which I really do recommend, it is a pretty awesome sight, and a couple of other Swedish sites, but I think this is more just to improve my language skills rather than actual loyalty. Most of my blog readings are mainly for research or just really topic specific, so I'll type something in about a certain thing in google and click the blogs search option, and just read solely about that topic.
So, in an effort to broaden my horizons and learn a little bit more about different things, I'm going to strive to find some blogs out there that I can actually read all the way through and keep reading till the end of time. I suppose I am quite fickle, in this respect, that I really don't have an impulse to keep reading past the article that I am looking for.
So the second personal challenge that I have had on this blog is to find other blogs to read, and share them with you guys out there. Maybe you guys could comment on which blogs you like to read as well, so we can all find those little gems on the internet, because in my opinion the hardest thing is actually finding these cool sites buried within the tonnes of garbage you can get there out on the internet. The proverbial needle in a haystack, if you will.
So for the next post or two I will fill you in on any blogs, or maybe even just really cool websites, out there, and it would be great to hear about your favourites out there as well!

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