Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I really got a chill down my spine today. It's not often you get days like this where you are chanced upon by the phenomena that is deja vu.
I am, of course referring, to this article I came across online, after some prompting in my Spanish class today. Apparently Ricky Martin had officially come out of the closet. Now, is it just me, or did he not come out of the closet at least a couple of years ago? I thought we saw pictures of him on the beach with his partner a good while ago? I have nothing whatsoever to go on about him being gay, but I just thought that it was old news. Or was it that mystifying deja vu....

It's raining today as well. Maybe Ricky's coming out of the closet made mother nature cry. Maybe not, but it's not just raining, it is pouring down buckets.
So who made the incredibly smart choice to not only not bring an umbrella to university today, but also decided that he would wear thongs (the flippy kind) as well. Yes folks, it was not a very pleasant day for my feet today, trying to avoid all the massive puddles so they weren't going to be drowned in some type of foreign liquid. I think that I am going to wear closed in shoes tomorrow. I'm just getting a shoes type of vibe for tomorrow.

The rain today was so heavy that I really could have used one of these babies. Yes, the umbrella tube, not the subway chin rest. I do reckon that this would be a perfect invention by the Japanese, for the Japanese, but I really don't see the novel idea of the umbrella tube really taking off here in Australia. We like to leave people the option of invading our personal space apparently, and we like to have a chat, so having everybody cut off from everyone else by a big plastic tube just doesn't seem like the greatest idea to me.
Sure the Japanese can really do inventing. I give them massive credit for the amazing technological advances that the Japanese have given us, but when you look a bit further down on that list, there are some things on there that are so obviously crazy Japanese inventions.
First of all, I have enough trouble with choptsticks as it is, so the fan that would connect on to them and make them five times as heavy I just don't think I would be able to work with. I think that I am just going to have to risk it and eat my noodles unfanned, knowing that there is a safer, yet slightly harder to use, alternative.
The daddy feeder to me feels slightly redundant. Why not just use bottles? Surely they would be hardly as cumbersome as having to wear a pair of fake, milk filled breasts on your chest. I just don't really get the point of that invention at all. Again, I think that I would have to say no to this invention and just take the risk of using a bottle with my child. Whatever those risks are...
The only invention that I would actually probably use out of the lot of them would most likely be the butter stick. Now, when I look at this, I don't automatically think 'what a crazy invention' but I tend more towards 'wow, that is probably something that I would be able to use in my everyday life'. Which is, essentially, my understanding of what an invention should be aiming to do. Everyone I know has trouble spreading their butter onto their toast, with its general structure not being condusive to spreading easily, so this one could actually work out.

Finally, contributing to the completion of one of my challenges, I've found a pretty nifty blog that I'd like to show you guys. It's called Go Green Travel Green, and in my opinion it is pretty amazing. Not only does it give you tips about how you can live a bit greener, something which we all could be doing, it gives you green travel tips, and there are just some really good articles on there, and I know that I would like to read more into it. Would love to hear about any great sites you would like to share as well, feel free to leave a comment and say hi!

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