Monday, May 24, 2010

Champagne, Tshirts and Celebrations

First of all, the champagne and celebrations.
IT'S MY 40TH POST! I can't believe it, I never thought that would have found the gumph to keep on blogging, but I am sure glad that I have. For the keen follower, you may have noticed that I am in a particularly bloggy mood, so I am going to try and captialise on this as much as I can and catch up as much as I can for all the days that I've missed. I think that I had kind of forgotten that there is always a plethora of stuff out there to blog about, even if I think that I've had a particularly boring kind of day. In fact, it can sometimes even brighten up my day, especially to see that some people are actually reading what I put up on here, even if what I have put up isn't very interesting to begin with.

I think one of the aims for my blogging in the future is just to be a little less self-critical about what I write, just because I think that these kind of posts where I just type turn out to be pretty good, in my opinion.

And now for some good stuff. T-shirts.
Any of you out there who know me well will know that I absolutely LOVE tshirts. Normally I'm not the kind of guy that thinks alot about what I'm wearing in particular, but I always love having great tshirts with really awesome designs. There is really something to be said about wearing an awesome tshirt in my opinion, it can really make or break the image. It's where a lot of people have slogans, bands, pictures reflecting who they are or how they'd like to be perceived as, so I like to keep it as light and cool as possible with my tshirts.

But then there is thisDesign By Humans is an amazing website, and I really to recommend that you check it out if you haven't already. I don't really want to break any copyrighting laws by putting up some of the designs, but they are absolutely awesome. Some of the designs can be a bit overwhelming at times, but there are some really golden ones out there.
Just putting it out there as well, I would kill to have any one of those tshirt designs, I actually haven't seen one that I flat out haven't liked, but there are definitely a couple that reall stand out at me. "The Perfect Tee", "Sleuth" and "Robots Can't Smile" are just three that jump out at me, but really, I could (and have) spent hours practically drooling over all the designs.
The best thing is that all these designs are actually done by normal people. Or, perhaps to but it better, everyone has the chance to put their designs in to the website to win various competitions, and have their designs printed onto a tshirt. Naturally, I signed up and I'm thinking about various designs I could put on a blank canvas.
Anyway, I think that that website is just a real little gem, because not only is it a place where you can get great tees, but it's also a place where, if you have the talent, you could be able to stamp your mark on a t-shirt. Definitely worth a check out.

So on that, I really don't think that I could find anything better at the moment to end my 40th blog post ever :D hope you find something you like out there.

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