Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kitten Mittens

Ah this makes me laugh, I love Charlie from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I kind of find that show to be incredibly life affirming, and just makes me feel like a better person, because they're all so horrible.
But yeah, it's coming up to the LAST WEEK OF UNI, which is in fact this coming week. I am pretty excited to be honest, but that also kind of means I'm pretty flat out at the moment with the end of semester assignments and stuff like that, so I haven't been as good on the blog posting as I should be.
The good thing is though that I will have nigh on two months semester break, but I don't have a job yet. Annoying. I apply to a whole heap, but I never really hear back from any of them, so I'll just keep applying I suppose.
But in the meantime, it means I'll have plenty of free time during the holidays. :D there's always a silver lining to the black clouds, children.

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