Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interestind Discovery

More about myself, rather than any amazing city of gold. Although that would be equally as nice.

But no. I was discussing with a couple of friends today, as people generally do, as to what parts of the opposite sex we find most attractive, and of course you get the normal, stock standard answers, but then it kind of actually got me thinking for once.

It kind of relates somewhat to my bus adventures in the mornings and afternoons, and just in general, but I think the part of someone's body, or more like what I find most appealing, is actually their voice.
I don't know if many people would actually agree, but I think that there is nothing worse than having a really bad voice. And it's not even something naturally, it's kind of just the way that that person would talk, I suppose I'm kind of drifting towards the typical 'westie' kind of woman more than anything, they just talk really harshly and their voices are wayyyy too heavily deteriorated by drugs and alcohol compared to that of a normal person.

I actually thought that I would be able to make that argument a little bit more concise, but I suppose it's not just the voice, per se, but the way that they would use it. No matter how good looking a girl could be, i don't know if I could stand it if she spoke really bluntly. I suppose we all have to be judgmental in some little way, I think that I've just found my little inlet of judging.

On the opposite of that, and I think that here is where my argument will come to fore, if someone has a nice sounding type of voice, it's sooo much of a big tick I can't explain. It would probably actually make up for everything else, but i'm not a hundo sure.
I think the underlying thing with this though is that you can get a general gist of someones personality by the way they speak, and I think that if someone doesn't really cut it on the voice, it kind of, in a way, would reflect kind of badly on the personality. I think generally people can get what I mean, the 'westie' people, normally drunk or on some sort of narcotic, or both, and they just swear their heads off and talk really loud. The intimidating people on trains and busses, if you will.

Whatever the hell that was, the voice wins me over.

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