Friday, May 14, 2010


I know that I haven't posted in here for like, forever, but I just have seemed to be all caught up in uni, and I really didn't think that I have had anything to write about for the past couple of days. I've actually typed up a few posts that I have done on my laptop, so I might be able to put up 3 or 4 new posts over the weekend.

At the moment I am just chilling out to some Sigur Ros, and just getting into the studying mood. I'm really trying to get into the routine of studying for a couple of hours each day, just to sort of keep up with everything for the final push to the end of the semester.

But yeah, I haven't really been up to much to be honest, I did actually mangage to finish my history essay last week, which is like the biggest weight taken off my shoulders for the moment, and then I only have to do a little bit more for the linguistics assignment that I have. The end is close for that subject thank god. But in all honesty it hasn't actually been that hard, just kind of more tedious than anything else.

Pretty much the highlight for this week was randomly running into Andrea and Kurt at Westfields on Tuesday, that was good to see them again even if it wasn't for very long.
I'm planning something good for my next post, I'll work on it this afternoon if i feel like procrastinating a little bit :D

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