Monday, May 17, 2010

I Can't Believe

How unenthused I am for all types of talent shows these days.

I remember that there was once a time where they were all the rage, I remember when they had that world idol thing and the Norwegian guy won the contest. I was sure watching that.

But nowadays, with all these "Australia's Got Talent" and all the several thousand series of every kind of Idol that you could think about, I just kind of give up. I was watching the end bit of the current "Australia's Got Talent" last Monday, and they let someone go through to the final, and all he did was smash watermelons on his head and make obscene and vulgar noises. Now, I do have to admit, that there are quite a few people on that show who do have quite a lot of talent, but they must be thinking along the lines of something like, "wow, the watermelon man was able to get through to the finals, how good ARE we, really?"
I just don't know. But I'm sure not going to keep on tuning in for it.

But anyway, we woke up today and the picture on the TV had gone. Finished. Finito. Nada. NO PICTURE. It's just at this given time when I realise just how much I do rely on the TV to entertain me through the day. It was kind of an eye opening experience, but the good thing was that I did get a fair bit of homework done . In the end though, we kind of swapped round that television set for another, and now we at least have something to watch during the increasingly colder evenings.

Tomorrow I have a couple of tests for Spanish and Japanese, but I'm not really overly concerned to be honest, like with all my language assignments so far I'm just looking forward to doing them and then getting them over and done with. :D Plus with each test, it's another step closer to finishing the first semester at uni, and actually passing. That is pretty much tops. I know that if I can make it through these 6 months, I can stick with it.

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