Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back at Uni

And it was alright, I got my essay back for English and I got a 69, which I am pretty happy about to be honest, and I've finally got a few comments that actually tell me what to work on for the next essay coming up soon. And I know that I can do better, so I should get an even better mark for the next essay, being the optimist that I am.

So yeah, not a whole lot happened today, Tuesday is normally a sit down and listen day at uni rather than anything else, I dutifully take down all sorts of notes, and I think that what I'll do for the rest of the term is just keep everything in the one book, I have so many problems with losing all my notes because I never really know which book they are in.

It's been a week of reading, to be honest though. In the last few days I've gotten through about 3 books or so, some of them very unwillingly, but the others were all really interesting, and I'm glad that I am reading a fair bit these days, it was something that I wasn't taking a lot of pleasure in during my first semester, with all the heavy readings from History and Linguistics. :O

I did a trip to the library, as per usual, just to check out if anything has changed there, and unsurprisingly, it's pretty much still all the same. I must say that it's not necessarily a place that I could spend a whole day in, I'm much more of an outside studier, being able to watch the world go by, so I normally just borrow the books or photocopy the hell out of everything and just sit outside.

Now I'm going to check out what the questions are for the next essay and get a little bit of a start, and actually do a little bit (or a big bit) of solid research. And then, hopefully, I'll break the 70 barrier and beyond.

peace folks x

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