Friday, October 8, 2010

New Jumper and Knitting News

I know that it is kind of a bit out of season, getting into summer and everything, but I have started a spiffy new cable type jumper to wear for next winter.
And hopefully I'll have enough push in me to get in finished in a reasonable amount of time, because there is one more cardigan that I want to have made by next winter as well, but that is a top secret project, saved for absolute wow factor.

Unfortunately the jumper hasn't made a whole lot of progress at the moment, mainly because there is just SO many stitches in every round that I am doing, but it'll be well worth it once I've got my groove going. So taking a photo of it would probably be more confusing than anything else, but after some knitting tonight I might just take a few happy snaps and put them up.

But while I was flicking through the new patterns I got last week, there are just a few things that I just could not believe that anyone would ever knit. There was a pattern for a knitted skirt and a dress! It might be just me, but I don't think that I could ever fathom anyone putting good use to a knitted skirt, but that might just be because I live in Australia, and also because I live in the 21st century. Who knows? I'm sure there are people out there who would just be livid with the fact that I have just denounced all knitted skirts and dresses, but I certainly would never make one. I'll just stick to the jumpers, I think.

Either way, it's nice to have a cool new project, and something that will take me over into summer a little bit, which won't really deter me from making more things, in case you were worried.

peace x

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