Saturday, October 30, 2010

pretty awesome weekend so far

So we all went out for Michael's birthday yesterday, spending his last little bit as a teenager together, and it was a pretty spiffy do, it is absolutely too much fun to be hanging with those crazy kids again, finally.

I have a few pictures, but at the moment I haven't really figured out how I can get my blackberry to cooperate with my blog, but I'm sure that they will try and strike up some sort of amicable relationship ><

But yeah, I had such a great time, even though we really didn't do a whole lot, but i think that that is probably the best thing about it, being able to have a great time even if we're not doing anything special ^^ Plus it's really nice just to be able to see everyone again after what feels like an eternity.

Anyway, I think this is something like my 97th post, it could in fact be my 98th, which is pretty exciting. I didnt think that I would ever be able to keep it up for as long as I have, and after the hundredth, I'll just have to keep aiming for the year, which would be pretty amazing. I'm just really surprised that I still have a whole lot to write about all the time, and I think that it is probably a really good habit to get into anyway. I still haven't really done a whole lot of posts in Swedish yet, but I am definitely going to start doing that blog during the summertime, when it seems as though I won't have a whole lot to be doing at the moment anyway. Which reminds me, I have to get another job pretty soon, because I can feel it in my bones, I don't think that my contract is going to last for too much longer at work now, we are pretty much done all the work and stuff like that.

Today was kind of a layabout day. It's kind of the only sad thing about summer, is that it is so hot that I find it far to uncomfortable to be knitting, but I really want to get the sweater I have been working on well on the way to being done for next winter. So I'm trying to do at least a little bit a day, even fifteen minutes or so would be helpful.
But on the upside, I did finish reading 'The Picture of Dorian Gray', thank god for that. I did actually quite like the story, I just think that having to read it for university can kind of turn you off it a little bit. But I am glad that I have read it, it's another one that I can just add to the list of the cool books that I have read, and the stuff that I think I should have read by now.

But for now, I think I am gonna take it easy, get a good nights sleep and see what Sunday has got in store for us.

peace folks x

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