Saturday, October 9, 2010

music blogging pudding

That's the way it should be, always.

Check out this.
If there was one thing that I was going to see this year, it would be Hot Water Music with the Bouncing Souls♥

Meanwhile, it's been a pretty miserable day, weatherwise, but excellent for working on my sweater, which is making slow but steady progress. I'll do a little bit of essay research tonight, get some main points written down, and then it really starts on monday. But hopefully I get to finish my essays on the thursday, because there is nothing that I hate more than having to drive all the way to university on Friday just in order to hand in my essay, and then just go back home again.

But I do like having essays and stuff to do at the moment, it kind of gives me a little bit of a sense of direction, just to do things, and it puts some sort of routine into life, which is always good, because without my routine I was getting a little bit lazy in the holidays.

Either way, I'm pretty spiffed that I have finally broken the 90 barrier, in terms of blog posts, I can't believe that I have written so many and kept up so well, and although there have been a few times where I have neglected my blog a little bit, I'm really happy with the way that I'm keeping up with it these days, I just seem to have a lot more time for blogging, and it's something that I actually want to do now, not just something that I feel that I have to do after I started it.

Eitherway, I'm baking a bread and butter pudding tonight, which hopefully will turn out to be a great success, I've kind of conglomorated a few recipes and have come up with one of my own. In all honesty, I don't think that there are too many points in the baking process where you can go wrong, so it should be a pretty awesome dessert for tonight.

peace x

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