Saturday, October 9, 2010


I don't really know if anyone else is keenly watching the games, but it's pretty cool. I kind of get the idea that not everyone is as keen on watching olympic type meets as I thought, but that doesn't stop me watching any sport that comes on the TV.

It is kind of nice to see that there haven't been a whole lot of major upsets in Delhi, seeing as everyone thought that they would never be fully prepared enough to host the games, and although there have been a lot of stomach related and food poisoning issues in general, I think that it has gone pretty smoothly, which is always good.

What's even better is that Australia is doing really well, we've done amazing well in the pool and also in the velodrome, which was quite a sneaky success, I didn't really hear anything about that too much until this morning.

So here is a few sites that might interest you if you're following the games at all -

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