Monday, October 4, 2010

Old Books

In aide of trying to avoid reading my English test by tomorrow, I have decided to write a blog post, which I am quite happy about, I have been blogging at quite an acceptable level as of late. But anyway, to the matter at hand.

16th and 17th century novels just seem to bore the hell out of me. I'm not sure why, maybe because I'm so used to such a fast pace sort of book, like the stuff that Matthew Reilly writes, but there just doesn't seem to be a lot to grab my interest. I mean, I know that they are now considered more 'works of art' than anything else, offering you a chance to delve into the psyche of that era in particular, but I just find that the language they use gets all up in my actually understanding what's going on.

I suppose the problem is that I tend to read very quickly and get into a rhythm or something along those lines, I'm generally a pretty fast reader, I did a test here, and as unreliable as the internet can be at times it said that I read just over 500 words per minute which is definitely not extremely fast, but fast enough for me. But with all the impressive words and language that the writers used back in those times, it just throws me out of sync, which is why I suppose I have so many problems with reading older books.

So now that it is coming up to summer, which means a good few months of not having to do very much at all, I have really been considering starting up a blog in Swedish, mainly because I can more than anything else. It would probably give me a bit of a chance to do more writing, which, to be honest, I don't really do a whole lot of these days. I speak it just about every day, but I still need to keep up a little bit of finesse in my writing skills.
And to help with all of my blogging in general, I carry around this cool little notebook, and I write EVERY thought or idea that comes through my mind in the little book, in English/Finnish/Swedish/French/whatever. And I already have a whole lot of things written down in Swedish, and I rarely use a lot of them on here, I mainly just use all the English stuff. And I've got some pretty bombastic sketches I'll see if I can scan in sooner or later.

Ugh. I should probably ditch the net and go read some more of my short book, the sad thing is that there isn't that much to read in the first place, I just keep putting it off all the time, which I should stop doing. But I don't really think that I'm alone there.

Plus the Commonwealth games are now here to distract me for the next few weeks. I suppose the good thing is that by the time they are over there will only be three weeks or so till university is actually finnished for the year! :D

anyway, peace for now folks

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