Monday, April 26, 2010

4 More Sleeps

Yes, I just have another four more sleeps until I am going to go for the dreaded driving test :O

I am essentially looking forward to it, even if I do fail I'll at least know where I'll need to work on to pass the next time. But I'll try not to jinx myself there. I really hope that I'll pass the first time, but you never really know these days with the RTA and all their crazy rules and stuff like that. At least, I know that I can do everything that they will ask me to do in the test, it's just a matter of acing it during the actual test.

So this weekend hasn't been too interesting really, I have pretty much just been doing a lot of driving practice, just perfecting my parking skills to be honest, and I think that now that I have those things covered, I pretty much own the car. But anyway, here's hoping that I have really good luck on Friday, and that I get a nice instructor :D

So apart from doing doughnuts in the empty carparks, this weekend has been a pretty average ANZAC day weekend, we just normally watch the parade on the TV and then kind of didn't do a lot for the rest of the day, but it was alright, a pretty relaxing day pretty much.

But for the moment, I have to finish a bit of Japanese and Linguistics homework, but after I've finished that I'll find some interesting stuff to put up, so hang tight :D

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