Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well folks, today is the first of April, which of course means that it is April Fools Day today. Now, I was actually quite lucky this year, i didn't get a prank played on me yet, and I'm really not expecting to now, seeing as it is past lunchtime.
In the spirit of the day, though, I found this site which is really funny, it goes through 100 of the best practical jokes ever played. Compared to anything on this list, I don't really know of anyone who has even come close to getting any pranks of this magnitude. I think the reason why a lot of these are so impressive as well, is that they are really good national or even international pranks, like the one that said that the state of Alabama was going to change the value of Pi, or when Burger King decided to release a "Left-Handed Burger", where apparently all the ingredients of the burger were rotated 180 degrees so that it would be better suited to all those people who were left handed.

I had a really good chuckle at most of these, but then it got me thinking about how gullible all these people must have been. I know that a lot of these pranks would have been made out to be very realistic, obviously, to better fool a lot of people, but the fact that thousands of people came up to Burger King for the day when they released the left handed burger is kind of a bit disturbing. Or maybe not disturbing, but just a little strange.
I mean, to me its pretty obvious that there really can't be a different burger for people of different-handedness, but apparently there are people out there who would. I'm sure we all have one of those people in our lives that are just so gullible, they will believe absolutely anything that you tell them, but even the left handed burger seems a little bit farfetched to me.

In other business, it was the last day of university today for the next two weeks, which is really great, and I am so glad that we ended on a Thursday as well. I think Thursdays are probably my favourite day of uni for this first semester, i only have Spanish and Japanese today and I really love starting off my day with Spanish.
But now that I do have two weeks break, I have to get through all of my uni work, and then I should keep looking for a job. I actually probably have more of a chance now that a lot of the Christmas casuals have been let off and they need more help around the stores, but I will still probably be looking around for a while. Such is life.

So I'm going to leave it at that for the moment, I may or may not post a blog tomorrow, but if I don't, have a great Good Friday and Easter Weekend folks!

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