Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cat Massage and Such

I'm just going to keep this one fairly short, I just would like to share one of my all time favourite videos from youtube here, about a lady and her crazed obsession with giving her cat a massage.

I think that that is pretty much one of the most messed up things that I have ever seen, but I do love it. Just keep yourselves on that whisker watch alert.

It's been a pretty chilled out holidays so far, I went for a driving lesson yesterday which was pretty good, finally am almost ready to take the dreaded test to get my p's, which will be awesome. I have like 2 things to do for Uni, which are both practically done, so it should be another great week of restful holidays for me, which also unfortunately means there's not a whole lot I'm doing that is particularly blogworthy, so I will have to try double hard to find some interesting topics to talk about and such.

Hope you are all having a great Easter Break and/or holidays!

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