Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The New Fad

I really love it when I'm able to find something new to interest me for some amount of time. I think, due a lot to my own fickleness, it's really hard for me to stay focused on one thing that interests me for more than a month at a time. So when I find a new tv show or something out there that I would actually be willing to watch and follow closely I get kind of excited.

At the moment I have been watching a bit of Ugly Betty (gasp and look shocked if you want to), mainly because I was watching the telenovela in Spanish that it was based on and kind of figured I should watch the English version as well. All in all, I do like it so far, but I think that is what the pilot is supposed to do, make you want to watch something more.
I think what has done it for me too is that soooo many, perhaps too many, of the shows that we watch on tv these days are related in some way to crime, like CSI, NCIS, or Criminal Minds. As much as I love all those shows, sometimes it can just get a bit much being virtually surrounded by crime, criminals, blood, autopsies, the whole deal. To me, it's nice to be able to find something a bit lighter now and again, and I think that's what Betty has done for me.

Some other news, I am going to go for my P's on the 30th, really excited but still a little nervous. I hope I am able to pass the test the first time but I'm not really going to hold my breath on that one. So now I just have to practice perfecting my parking skills and just hope for the best, to be honest.

I'm still looking around at various South American destinations, and to kind of go in with the theme of finding new blogs to read, I found this site out there, Travel Blog, which looks like it has information on pretty much anywhere that you can think of. And what is great is that there are literally thousands and thousands of really personal blog posts for you to read through, which, in my opinion, it ultimately better than reading a stock-standard entry in a guide book. I think with the personal blog touch you get a feel of how things are for real, rather than just how they are supposed to be. I've saved this one to my favourites and I just think it's great fun to read through.

Just reading through some of the stories on the blogs, i think you can really get a feel of what people experience while there travelling, both the good and the bad, which is why I think travel blogs are probably some of the best resources for budding travellers out there.

Oh, and Monday I'm going to be going to the Easter show, I'm pretty excited to be honest, bring a little zest to the holidays! I'll make sure to put up some pictures when I go. :D

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