Sunday, April 4, 2010

Away We Go

Today I got a real itch for the travel bug again, which is even more motivation for me to go out and get a job, still working hard on that one there.
But it dawned on me, by the time I've finished university next year, I will have 2 years of Spanish down, and I thought that I should probably put that knowledge to the test, and just learn a lot about the cultures that I am learning about.
I must say, this is one of my favourite things in the world to do, to research the pants off a country and find all these cool places to go, watch the travel shows on television for a reason, rather than just laughing at them getting humorously lost in random countries.

Now, I am fully aware that I have like no money to go to this trip. That would require some type of employment (a large wink to all those employers out there), and then for me to efficiently save up enough money to make it over to somewhere. But I think that this could very well be the incentive that I need to actually get myself up and going in that respect. Everybody always needs some for of motivation to do things, and I think that I have found it at the moment.
Now, for this wish trip I think that I would focus mainly on South America, maybe start of up the top or down the bottom and just work my way around the continent. I'm not sure how I would do that logistically, but these are all things that shall fall together with the fruition of my master plan. I would also head up to Mexico so I can visit a few friends there, and just because I think they would all kill me if I came all that way to the other side of the world and didn't make the trip up there.
And of course, I would definitely go to Brazil. I mean, how could you not? It just looks like a lot of fun, and it would be really great to say that you've gone there. Even typing about it is making me really excited. I really have to get a job now :D.

Hope you guys have had a great Easter so far, I'm going to go drool at some more destinations for the moment, I'll be back later to let you know how it goes.

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