Sunday, April 11, 2010

Disasters, Boob Scares and Food Holidays, OH MY!

Getting prepared for this blog entry was actually a lot of fun, to be honest. Now that our internet is uncapped, I've been able to do a bit of random research for this post, which ultimately means a more entertaining one.

I just love being able to go on a tangent, with absolutely anything as your starting point. I was watching the new episode of Bones today on tv, which was a really great episode in my opinion, and I just got out a notepad and started to jot down some random things that caught my interest, pretty much just anything that came to mind. Now, a lot of the stuff I jotted down, I really couldn't go much further with, like the new Diet Coke ad that seems to think that the use of puppetry would make us more likely to go down to the shops and buy a couple of bottles, or weird ninja stuff. I know that I could have probably extrapolated on the weird ninja stuff a bit more, but it really was just such a broad topic, and with my lack of knowledge about anything ninja, I didn't think it would be the best idea to go along with that subject.

One thing that I did pick up was disaster/doomsday/apocolypse movies. And this is more of a moan about them than anything else. Now, the price of a movie ticket has really been rising in the past few years, and in my opinion, that last thing I want to do is spend all that money on a movie that is simply going to put me in a bad or depressed mood afterwards. And that is my main issue with the disaster/doomsday/apocolypse movie genre, the types of movies where the world is going to come to an end for some strange ecological reason.
Now, I do get the symbolism, yes, we are destroying our world with our pollution, that we should take better care of the world, but I know that already from abundance of news bulletins out there about pollution, and global warming. But even then, there is at least the acknowledgement that there is perhaps something that we could do to avert our demise, if we take better care of what we are doing to keep the world clean.
The types of movies that really get you down though are the likes of 2012, where it is simply the end, there is nothing that you can do about it, nada, finito. As great an epic movie as 2012 is, I just thought it was 3 hours of "why am I watching this if this is ACTUALLY going to happen, i should be out enjoying things in the real world, or at least watching a comedy movie".
And there are absolutely hundreds of these movies out there. A quick google search will come up with 219,000,000 results for 'end of the world movies'. Even Disney Pixar has gotten to the little kids with Wall-E, a story about a robot cleaning up a ruined planet after humans over-polluted it. I would much rather watch The Hangover any day.

So whilst I was doing a bit of research on the previous topic, I happened to come across a truly distressing article on, my favourite source for all things new. Namely, the fact that diva Amy Winehouse is having some problems with her boobs.
According to the article, it would seem that Winehouse was rushed to hospital with severe pains in her breasts, most likely due to her breast implants, worth the princely sum of £35,000 pounds.
What kind of got me was looking at the comments that people left on the UK newspaper "The Sun"s article on the subject, some of which include "you're a drain on the health care system Amy", and "no matter how much I try, I can't seem to care." I can only imagine Amy Winehouse lying in her bed in the hospital and just feel the warmth and support from all her fans out there. But i must say, if I was ever to have a fake implant burst or become faulty, I would assure you I would be rushing off to the hospital ASAP.

The final topic I came across is kind of on the theme of travel ideas, which I have been looking at for the past couple of blog posts, and it is the exciting concept of 'Culinary Tours'.
The whole idea is that, food being one of the biggest parts of a foreign culture, whole tours are being planned solely around the food of a particular region.
Now, as a really big food lover, I absolutely love this idea, and on the article that I was reading it looks like it is a really big idea. I find that the Asian ones would be really interesting, simply because of the fact that a lot of people just don't really know where to start off with an Asian culinary adventure, after being exposed to the westernised Asian cuisine. And when I went to the link Wendy Wu Tours, they actually cover pretty much the entire Asian continent.
Just another idea for a travel trip that I came across today, thought I might share it with you guys.

Should be an exciting day tomorrow, I'm going to the easter show tomorrow, so I might post something about it either tomorrow or the day after. Have a nice rest of the weekend!


  1. how awesome was that add <3 it was hilariouss

    i didnt lke the end of 2012, it went in to many different directions

    is amy winehouse still alive? wtf. i would have thought she would have died from an overdose or somthing, i cant see any light in her life, and her music has lost its sparkle

    nom nom nom FOODZ!

    enjoy your day at the easter show!

  2. :D i know, i thought the add was pretty awesome, in hindsight it really could have only worked with puppets anyway, it would have looked bizarre with real people acting like that.
    and yeah, i found 2012 as a whole really hard to take, it was just so linear with its plot lines and it was just a real let down at the end in my opinion, but I suppose there are other people out there who would have liked the ending.

    On to Amy Winehouse, unless her breast implants have actually killed her, i think she's still alive. It's actually quite a shame, she has so much potential, but just throws it all away lol.
    thanks kurt!