Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Because that is what you do in university, apparently.
Anyway, studying for my ancient history essay has, to my great pleasure, taken up a great chunk of my time today. Normally, this would not be a good thing, spending all your time studying, you say? But this is actually my first essay due for university, so I think that I should set a good standard for the rest of my university academic career. In an ideal world, this would be true, but we'll see how it goes.

But anyway, the one pet peeve for today is the fact that they don't put chairs in the Reserve section of the library at uni, which would have had to be the most annoying thing about today. I got 4 hours of studying and research done today, ALL of it standing up. It may actual be a real novel way of combatting obesity or something like that. Whatever it is, I should feel extra proud today for getting so much research done STANDING UP. This may even motivate me to put a letter in the suggestion box. But I'm really not that type of person. I mean, it's bad enough that you have to wander around the library for hours trying to find the book that you're looking for, which isn't actually there to begin with, but then having to stand to do your research? gah.

So that is enough ranting for today.

Now on to Youtube. Whenever I am on the internet, it is inevitable, really, that I will end up on Youtube. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, at times I do actually watch videos which may be beneficial for me in some way or another. But generally, it's going to be a TV show or a music video. I make a point of buying all my music that I listen to, I actually do like having the CD's and all that jazz to look at and fondle, but if there is something that I have been thinking of buying, like a suggested item on itunes, that I haven't really heard anything from, I'll normally type something in on youtube and I'll listen to that.

The one thing that I love about youtube is the little recommended for you video section. You can watch just one video and it will completely update that thing, it's crazy. I watched a thing in Japanese yesterday, just to listen to, and pretty much all my recommended videos now are in Japanese. So I think it is time to watch a random video and see what happens, it's actually become one of my favourite pastimes, which is kind of sad but whatever makes you happy I spose? But I just cant explain this one. :|

I'm gonna press onwards with the studying and see how it goes, the more I can motivate myself, the less I'll have to do later.

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