Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

Hi all, hope that you are all having an amazing Easter break, I know I certainly am having a pretty relaxing couple of days for a while. Haven't really had a lot of chocolate this year, but that's alright, because I have gone off chocolate a lot to be honest, I really wouldn't thank you for it at the moment. So don't buy me any of these please.
On the note of ridiculously sized bits of food, Hamish and Andy have been doing a segment for the past couple of days about some really incredible food challenges that they would like to do, and it's really bizarre what some of them are. And the suggestions that they got on the radio were just the ones that were in Australia.
So just due to some random inquisitiveness about what is actually out there in the world in terms of eating challenges, I found this absolutely awesome site. Unsurprisingly, there is a really massive focus for challenges stateside, but that doesn't really matter if it's just for entertainment purposes. I could read through all these entries and be entertained for hours on end, but I'll just go through a couple of my favourites. :D

The first one is the 8 pound burger named Mount Tater, available, if you're game, from The Spectator. It has a 2.3 pound bun, 3.2 pounds of beef, 1 pound of cheddar cheese, half a pound of bacon and a pound of tater tots (potato gems). This one seems absolutely crazy to me. I thought that I was being a bit indulgent whenever I get a double quarter pounder meal at McDonalds, but I don't think I'll ever have to worry about that again. I think just having a stomach that has the capacity for a 4 pound burger would be pretty amazing, but doubling that and going for the eight just seems a bit optimistic to me.

Looking down the list of eating challenges, you really do see a whole lot of 28 inch pizzas, which are pretty impressive in their own right, being almost double the size of a standard pizza here in Australia, I'm guessing. But then I glanced past this one, which seemed insanely huge, but really impressive. At Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio, Texas, there is a 42 inch pizza available for your consumption. I couldn't actually find any information apart from on the site, but I imagine you would be able to get any topping you wanted on the pizza. Now, I don't work in inches, so I got out my tape measure and I was absolutely astonished. 42 inches is 106 centimetres rough. Even if i am not mathematically gifted enough to tell you the circumference of the pizza, I can tell you you would be one sick puppy if you ate all of this at once. Interesting but seemingly impossible challenge, it still amazes me that some people can actually stomach this amount of food.

And finally, a sandwich. But not just any sandwich, a sandwich of gargantuant proportions. For just $28 US, you can purchase yourself a two and a half foot sandwich, and if you want to win the prize, which is your $28 back for the sandwich, an extra $25 and A T-SHIRT!, then all you have to do is eat the 2.5 footer in half an hour. This seems like an almost feesible task, but then i remember that the Subway rolls are normally just a foot long. I think the reason that so many of these eating tasks are so hilarious is just really because it is so funny to picture the sheer size of a lot of these things coming out and being put on a table.

So if you feel like sharing the love, let us know if there are any eating challenges you love or have tried:D and have a great easter everyone!

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