Saturday, April 24, 2010

Strange People on the Bus

Yes, it would appear that I am guilty as charged, I do feel kind of bad that I have been neglecting my blog for the moment, I think it's taking me a little more time than expected to get back into the swing of things at uni.

To be honest though, you guys haven't really missed out on a lot from this week really, most of my time was spent on a bus going either to or coming from university, so there are just a lot of stories about the strange people on the bus. So much so that I think that I am able to make an entire post about it. We'll see, if not I'll just throw something amazing on the end.

The one that really sticks in my mind was the uber racist old lady on the bus. Now this one is a keeper, kiddies. So I was on the bus coming back from uni, and the bus is always PACKED to capacity just after the university stop, so there were of course a lot more people standing than is really comfortable.
Just on a side note, I don't really mind standing on a bus, I pretend that I'm surfing or something, makes it pretty cool. Just so you know.
So about two stops after the university stop, this lady in her forties gets on the bus, and slowly makes her way up through the bus, after the bus had taken off again. And unfortunately, for many of the people on the bus, her trip would be far more memorable than what they would have wanted.
Obviously, this lady just didn't like Asian people of any sort, because she proceded to walk up the bus and tell every person who pretty much wasn't white to get up off their seats and let someone else sit there.
Now, the funny thing is that a lot of the people on the bus didn't really speak English that well, which kind of enraged her a little bit more, because they just stared right at her with a look that needed no translation, WTF.
It was actually pretty disgusting behaviour in my opinion, but kind of funny, noone actually got up and I thought that that was hilarious. I know I certainly wouldn't have gotten up for her, so yeah.

Then there was the time that someone tried to pay for their bus fare in foreign currency. That was absolutely hilarious, neither the bus driver nor the passenger had any idea what was going on. The guy just got on the bus, told the bus driver where he wanted to go, and then out comes the wallet filled with the unfamiliar money. I think the bus driver just ended up letting the guy go on the bus for free. 

And then of course, one of my personal favourites. You know that you're going to have a good time whenever you see someone with numerous bags of oranges or other spherical fruits get onto the bus.
I think you can almost com to your own conclusions here, but this lady comes on to the bus with something like 4 bags of oranges, and an important side note is that these bags were all untied. MASSIVE mistake.
So this lady goes up to the bag of the bus, and the bus kind of starts off again, and everything is pretty good, nothing much happening. And then a lone orange rolls past on the floor. Soon enough, the bus has to slam on its' brakes for somereason, and a flood of oranges comes surging down the aisle of the bus. Which absolutely made my day.

Obviously you can see that I have a lot of fun on the bus. GAH. I'm so looking forward to next friday, I have my P's test scheduled, and it would be so great to get them first go, but I'm not going to hold my breath, I know that that is pretty hard to do. But anyway, I want to hear about your bus stories, so just leave a comment and say hi and let us know what they are!

Ta for now

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